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Academy Level 3

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1 - Philosopher

The philosopher will ask you to find the "ultimate answer." You'll find the answer -- or, rather, something new for the philosopher to think about -- in the imp dream (#7). When you relay the information to the philosopher, you'll receive 67,584 experience, and the philosopher will give you a yit-koor charm. "Is now the time to tell him that we got that from a rat?"

2 - Central Room

You'll meet four Raanaar ghosts in this room. Each one will have a task for you.

Cave Ghost (Elder Anrauzam): He'll talk about the destination of the rifts you create. When you ask him about the "bad effects" that can happen, he'll teleport you to the Rift Maze. See that section for details.

Ghost (Elder Anguram): He'll talk to you about the consequences of your actions. When you ask him, "Consequences like what?" he'll teleport you to the Rift Consequences area. See that section for details.

Ghost (Elder Anbassam): He'll talk to you about keeping your focus. When you ask him about "alien environments" he'll whisk you off to the Rift Race area. See that section for details.

Truth Ghost (Elder Anbotar): He'll talk to you about lies and deception, and then he'll take you to an area where you'll meet two golems, one of which always tells the truth and one of which always lies. Ask one golem, "Would the other golem answer *yes* if you asked it if the left door leads to the safe way?" Ask the remaining golem, "Does the left door lead to the safe way?" If their answers are the same then the first golem is telling the truth and the second golem is lying; otherwise, it's just the reverse. From that you should be able to tell that the left door is the safe door (not that it makes a lot of difference). You'll receive 78,144 experience when you go through a rift to exit the area.

After you've completed the four tasks, if you talk to the Raanaar instructor (Elder Anbenktar), he'll unlock the door leading to Exit B, allowing you to ascend to Academy Level 4.

3 - Water Room

In this room you'll find a Raanaar water pool. It plays a part in Begurar's quest (#5).

4 - Rift Room

In this room a Raanaar student will ask you to go back in time and fetch the bone of the founder. It doesn't matter what reward you ask for, because if you go through the rift the student creates and take the bone, then when you return you'll learn that the bone was "stolen" long ago, and that the student no longer knows what you're talking about. However, if you do go back in time then you can pick up the unique axe demon's cutter.

5 - Academy Store

Begurar the merchant will ask you to find his amulet for him. The main hint for this quest can be found in the imp dream (#7). There the imp will tell you that he made the amulet turn invisible, and that you can only see it if you mix fairy dust with water. You can find fairy dust in the locked cupboard in the storage room (#8), and you can find water in the Water Room (#3). When you drag the fairy dust into the pool of water (which is a container), the room will fill with green smoke, and the amulet will appear along the northern wall. When you give the amulet to Begurar, you'll receive 109,824 experience. (Although Begurar indicates he'll also give you a sword, he doesn't.)

Also in the room, inside a book, you can find a note. It details how you can use a shortcut if you know the code: 3-1-5-2-4. This refers to a part of the Rift Race area.

6 - Nursery

There are two things of interest in this room: a locked wooden chest and a Raanaar cradle. When you approach the cradle, you'll hear somebody crying. If you click on the cradle (which is a container) and put the teddy bear (from Academy Level 1) inside, then you'll earn 20,000 experience.

The wooden chest is part of a sequence of chests that begins on Academy Level 4.

7 - Dream Room

In this room you'll find a sleeping / dead imp. If you click on the mirror behind him, then you'll enter his dream. The dream is a fairly odd place, just like you might expect. There are only two things you'll need to do inside: talk to a rat about halfway through and ask it about the ultimate answer (it'll ask about the question), and then talk to the imp at the end. If you've already received the amulet quest from Begurar the merchant (#5), then the imp will tell you how he made the amulet invisible by using fairy dust and water.

8 - Storage Room

In this room you'll find a locked cupboard. The sapphire key to unlock the cupboard can be found in the Rift Maze. Inside you'll find fairy dust and a magic carpet. The fairy dust is a part of Begurar's quest (#5). There isn't any purpose to the magic carpet.


A. Stairs down to Academy Level 2.
B. Stairs up to Academy Level 4. The Raanaar instructor (#2) will open the door to this room after you've completed all the tasks for the level.