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Earth Elemental Forest

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1 - Imp

An imp here will offer to give you a strange ring. This is the set-up for #2.

2 - Raanaar Ghosts

The ghosts will talk to you when you approach them. Regardless of whether you took the ring from the imp at #1, the ghosts will demand their ring back. If you don't have the ring or if you don't want to give it up, then the ghosts will attack. You'll get about 14,000 experience for killing the ghosts, and they'll drop two magical items plus the armor king of fire. If instead you decide to give up the ring, you'll only receive king of fire.

3 - Lich Cave

Outside the cave you'll see a mutant who will comment on a "strange thing" it found, and which it now plans to take to its master. For more information about the cave, see the Lich Cave section.

4 - Cave

This is the cave that Stignix in the Imp Village might have told you about. The entrance into the cave can be difficult to see because three mushrooms are growing around it. Inside you'll have to kill several level 17 fire elementals, but on the southwestern side you'll find a rope leading up. The rope leads to #5.

5 - Tree of Insight

You can only reach the tree by going through the cave at #4. When you approach the tree, it will offer to answer a question for you provided you give it some of your life-force. However, from what we can tell, you won't actually lose anything for asking a question.

Note: You might have to rescue Stignix from the Spider Forest before you can deal with the tree.

Here's what you can receive:

Armor. The tree will tell you to look in the grave of an unknown soldier near the Temple of Raan. (The temple is in Act Three.)

Gold. The tree will create an "imp chest." Inside the chest you'll find 3496 gold.

Secret. The tree will tell you that there is a secret room in the Temple of Raan. If you turn off all the lights there, the secret will be yours. (However, apparently this was not implemented in the game.)

Teaching. The tree will tell you to look for the Portal of Rixx. (This is a book and not a portal, and it can be found in Act Three.)

Weapon. The tree will tell you that one of the imps has a powerful weapon hidden under his bed. The imp in question is the imp hero, and the weapon is the unique heavy crossbow Inquisition. The crossbow isn't very good, and you can pick it up anyway after visiting the Shaman's Realm near the end of the act.

Most of the information from the tree is optional. You can find the objects even without the clues. That means the only really useful choice from the tree is the gold, and you probably don't really need that, either.

6 - Frozen Imps

You'll discover a few "imp corpses" lying on the ground here around a large green mushroom. Beside one of the imps you'll find a note describing what happened, and how you can create an antidote to free them. For the antidote you'll need spider queen web (found in the Spider Forest) and mushroom extract (found in the Imp Village). When you combine the two items you'll create a spores antidote. Then you'll just have to click on each of the frozen imps to earn 38,976 experience and 800 gold.

7 - Kirgorr

Kirgorr is a level 15 demon. When you kill it, it will drop the bastard sword flamestinger. Near Kirgorr, you should find a "wine chest" with a strange mushroom inside. If you eat the mushroom, your character and the deathknight will each receive +3 luck.

8 - Gravestone

Here you'll find a gravestone for Marrangar the "Great Illusionist" surrounded by several disappearing and reappearing mushrooms. Next to the gravestone is a pillar. Inside the pillar you should discover a skillbook for wizard elemental spells.

9 - Farmhouse

The farmer in front of the house will ask you to bring back his wife, who was recently abducted. You'll find the wife at #10, with two Raanaar ghosts who are planning to steal her life-force. When you defeat the ghosts, they'll drop the body armor Zandalor's Skin, and the wife will run away. Then when you return to the farmer you'll receive 20,416 experience and 400 gold.

10 - Missing Wife

The wife will only appear after you've received the quest from the imp farmer (#9).


A. Path back to the Imp Village.