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1 - Room with Locked Chest

The silver key that unlocks the chest can be found in the nearby painting.

2 - Room with Locked Chest

The sapphire key that unlocks the chest can be found under the pillow on the bed.

3 - Room with Locked Chest

As of version 1.45, there isn't any way to open the chest in the room.

4 - Weapons Room

All you'll find here are a couple guards to kill.

5 - Forge

When you approach the forge for the first time, you'll hear the weapons smith inside talk about how leaving the hatch open could fill the entire citadel with lava. That's a clue for something you'll be able to try later.

The door to the forge starts out locked. You'll find the key in Samuel's Lair. Once you go inside you'll have to fight the weapons smith, but he's only level 11 and should be easy to defeat. The smith will drop the small hammer head crusher when he dies.

The idea in the forge is to create an explosion that will cause lava to fill up the citadel. On the first prison level (#24) you might have seen a book describing how to make gunpowder. You'll need three things:

a) Salt: In the kitchen in the barracks level (#8)
b) Coal: In Fergus' room in prison level 1 (#14)
c) Sulfur: In the medical officer's room in the training grounds (#11)

To create gunpowder, first mix (drag one onto the other) the coal and the salt. If the objects "disappear" it's probably because you mixed them in the deathknight's inventory, and the resulting coal and salt mixture went into your character's inventory. Finally, combine the mixture with the sulfur to create explosives.

To destroy the citadel, drag the explosives onto the "forge lava." That will end the act and also net you 22,464 experience. Since you won't be able to go back into the citadel or go back to the first act battlefield, be sure to do everything you want before continuing.

6 - Chess Room

A guard in the room will give you a chess puzzle to solve. You can click on the chessboard to see the current configuration of the pieces. The answer is "knight d3 to e5" but don't worry if you miss it. You can keep guessing until you get the answer right, and the reward (10,584 experience) won't change.

Also in the room, near the chessboard, you should find a bottle of white rum. You'll need it for an upcoming quest.

7 - Bathroom

As of version 1.45, there isn't any way to get inside.

8 - Kitchen

The cook will tell you that the food storage room (#9) is filled with rats, and he'll ask you to find the imp Rashax and encourage him to kill them. You'll find Rashax at #10. The imp, of course, won't want to kill the rats, but when you agree to do it for him he'll give you the key to the storage room. Then after you've killed the rats (which are only level 3) and returned to the cook, you'll receive 12,744 experience.

You can also find a barrel of salt in the kitchen.

9 - Food Storage Room

10 - Sleeping Quarters

This is where you'll find the imp Rashax (see #8).

11 - Kegan

Kegan is guarding the door to General Bram's room (#12). If you give him some white rum (found at #6), then he'll drop the golden key that unlocks the door, and he'll let you pass. You'll also earn 18,144 experience.

12 - General Bram's Room

On the western side of the room is a locked "imp closet." The key to it is on the eastern side of the room. There is also a doorway on the western side of the room. If you move the packages out of the way, then you can pass through the doorway and go through a hatch in the floor.

Down below you'll discover a small dungeon. In the eastern cell you'll find the book that Tully in the training grounds is looking for ("A Little Torture Primer"). When you pick up the book, three ghosts will appear. If you're wearing citadel armor then they'll attack; otherwise they'll just leave. Regardless, one will drop a skillbook of summoning doll upgrades.

Finally, in the western cell, mostly hidden along the eastern wall, is a locked chest. If you have the key from the parcours (on the training grounds level), you can open the chest to find a magical object.

13 - Locked Door

The lever that opens the door can be found on the wall to the southwest.

14 - Locked Door

You'll find the key for this door in Samuel's Lair.

15 - Alarm Gong

There are four guards in the room to the east. If you click on the gong (you don't have to use the hammer on the ground next to it), then three of the guards will rush into the room. That means you can circle around to the north and only kill one guard on your way to Samuel's Lair (Exit C).


A. Stairs to the training grounds.
B. Exit from the citadel. Once you leave the citadel, the act will end, and you won't be able to go back into the citadel or visit the first act battlefield. So do everything you want before leaving. You can also end the act by destroying the citadel (see #5).
C. Stairs to Samuel's Lair.