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Prison - Level One

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1 - Your Cell

This is where you'll find yourself at the start of the game.

2 - Dead Guard

The deathknight killed the guard when he escaped from his cell. On the corpse you'll find four keys. They unlock the cells at #5, #6, #7 and #9. You'll also find a club next to the corpse.

3 - Deathknight's Cell

The deathknight will ask you not to go inside, but nothing will happen if you do.

4 - Cell

The cell is locked, but the guard at #10 has the key. Inside you'll find a skeleton.

5 - Cell

You'll find a minor healing potion in the cell. Later, after you've spoken to Edmond (#6), rats will appear in the cell, and one will drop a leg bone.

Note: Sometimes the rats are buggy and won't appear in the room, botching Edmond's quest.

6 - Edmond's Cell

You'll have to fight a ghost when you enter the cell, but if you then click on the "cracks" on the northern wall, you'll be able to enter an escape tunnel. Inside the tunnel, at the end, you'll find Edmond. Edmond won't believe that he's dead, and he'll ask you to bring him proof of your claim. You can find the proof in cell #5. Talking to Edmond will trigger rats to appear there, and one of the rats will drop a leg bone when you kill it. Taking the bone to Edmond will convince him that he's dead, and you'll earn 1944 experience. Edmond will then disappear and leave behind a minor healing potion.

Note: Edmond is also a trainer, but you probably won't have enough gold to train with him when you first meet. So if you want to train with him, you should delay completing his quest until later.

7 - Mad Prisoner's Cell

The prisoner will mistake you for demons, and then, once you've left his cell, he'll run out and jump into the lava, thus preserving his squishy bits.

8 - Cell

You'll have to fight a skeleton in the cell, but you'll also find a short bow and some arrows.

9 - Cell

In the cell you'll find a blanket. When you click on the blanket it will disappear to reveal a hole. Through the hole you'll find a short tunnel leading to #12. To access the hole in the ceiling at the end of the tunnel, pick up the rope from the dead imp shortly before it.

10 - Guard and Chest

When you kill the guard, he'll drop two keys. The keys unlock the cells at #4 and #8. Near the guard you'll also find a locked chest. The chest contains the (level 1) battlefield magical key. The key to unlock the chest can be found in the arena (#31).

11 - Locked Gate

The lever for unlocking the gate is just to the south. You'll be able to operate it once you've gone through the hole in cell #9.

12 - Storage Room

The hole in the storage room connects to cell #9.

13 - Strange Skull

When you click on it, the skull will ask you to kill Fergus (at #14). When you do and return, you'll earn 4104 experience, and the skull will disappear and leave behind a lucky cap.

Note: On a table near the skull you'll find some meat. Meat is heavy, but for the moment it's the only food available, and so you'll need it when you want to rest.

14 - Fergus's Room

Inside the room you'll find Fergus, and, after a short conversation with the imp Plox, he'll attack you. Fergus is level 4, and even if you've done everything you can up till this point, you'll be at most level 2. So this can be a very tough battle.

If you have trouble, here are a couple things you can try: use the deathknight to enter the room first, so that Fergus attacks him rather that you (the deathknight should have better armor than your character). Then, during the battle, have your character pick up things in the room and click on the portrait on the back wall. You might find potions or other useful equipment in the room, and the portrait will open a secret room to the south where you can find health and mana shrines. Finally, even though it's not a skill you'll probably keep, you might want to give the deathknight a point in melee specialties / one-handed / slashing damage. That will almost double his damage, and it won't cost a lot to unlearn the skill later.

When Fergus dies, he'll drop a skillbook of "identify," a key, and a random level 2 object. The key unlocks the door to the east. Also, after the battle you'll have the option of killing Plox or letting him go. Either way you'll receive about 4000 experience.

Finally, near the painting, you should find a barrel of coal. You'll need the coal later, so pick it up.

15 - Secret Room

Inside the room you'll find mana and healing shrines, plus a "wine chest" with a permanent survival potion in it.

16 - Storage Room

The room contains a locked chest. The silver key for the chest is on the shelves on the eastern side. There is also a bed in the room, allowing you to sleep and heal.

17 - Locked Door

The bronze key that unlocks the door is on the floor to the east.

18 - Lever Room

Along the northern wall of the room, you'll find four levers. If you can pull the levers in the right order, then you'll open the door to the south (#19). But what's the correct order? The order is listed on a note in the writing table along the western wall. If you number the levers from left to right, then the sequence 2-4-1-3 will open the door.

There is also a lever on the western wall. Nothing will happen prior to operating the levers on the northern wall, but after that pulling the lever will disable the trap on the southern door (#19).

19 - Locked Door

See #18 for how to get through.

20 - Imp and Guard

If you kill the guard first, then the imp will run away. But you won't get anything for letting the imp escape, so you might want to target him first for the extra experience.

21 - Locked Door

You'll find the key in one of the guard rooms (#24).

22 - Locked Door

You'll get the key to the door from the guards at #23. Inside the room you'll find two levers. They open the doors to the east and west.

23 - Guard Room

When you enter the room, the guards will block the door to the east, and you won't be able to use it for a while (the lever to open it is on the other side). One of the guards will drop a bronze key when you kill him. It opens the locked door at #22.

24 - Guard Room

You'll find four guards inside. One of them will drop a composite key. The key unlocks the door at #21. You should also find a book on the floor in the southwestern corner of the room. It describes how you can make gunpowder by mixing salt, sulfur, and coal.

25 - Locked Cell

You can unlock the cell by using the lever to the west. Inside you'll find a level 5 ghost.

26 - Locked Cell

You can unlock the cell by using the lever to the west. Inside, on the wall, you'll find some writings that read, "Go down please help us."

27 - Locked Cell

The key for the cell can be found on the table next to the guards to the east (#30). Inside the cell you'll find a level 5 skeleton.

28 - Locked Cell

You can find the key to the cell on the guards to the east (#30). Inside you'll find a prisoner who will ask you for water. You can find water in a variety of places on this level of the prison. When you give water to the prisoner, you'll receive 6264 experience and a skillbook of "detect traps."

29 - Locked Cell

The composite key that unlocks the cell is sitting on the ground nearby. Inside the cell you'll find a level 5 ghost, plus a note on the ground. The note reads, "I saw them installing the trap ... first they position a sword to give their victim hope, but if they go for it, the cage doors open." This refers to the arena (#31).

30 - Guards

One of the guards will drop a composite key. The key unlocks the cell at #28. Near the guards, on a table, you'll find another composite key. It unlocks the cell at #27. On the floor next to the table you'll find an iron bar. You might want to pick it up for use in the arena (#31).

31 - Arena

Along the northern wall of the arena you'll find three things: a cell with a two-handed sword in front of it, a cell with leather rags in front of it, and, in between them, a cogwheel. If you approach the sword or the rags, the associated cell will open up, and you'll be attacked by a level 5 "arena monster" (spider). If you want to grab the items but avoid the fights, then drag the iron bar (located at #30) from your inventory onto the cogwheel. That will prevent the traps from springing.

But note that there are two useful things inside the western cell. In the haystack you'll find the key to the chest at #10 (which contains a battlefield magical key). Next to the haystack, barely visible, you'll also find the book "Poisonous Creatures" which you'll need for an upcoming quest.

In the center of the arena is a pit. When you click on the pit you'll drop down to the next level. It's a one-way trip (although you'll eventually be able to visit this level again), so do everything you can in this level before descending. If you're playing the tactical or hardcore difficulty setting, then it's a very good idea to visit the battlefield first.


A. Stairs to prison level 2.
B. Stairs to the training grounds.