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Necromancer's Last Task

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1 - Ian's House

This is where you'll start out.

2 - Lizard King

The king will tell you that it is his high priestess (in #3) who is using the crystal fragment to expand the swamps, and that she's the one who is responsible for the fighting. You can fight the king if you want, and gain about 9,000 experience.

3 - Cave

Inside the cave you'll find the priestess and the crystal fragment. The priestess, despite being a level 28 spellcaster, should be very easy to kill. If you didn't kill the king (#2) before, then you'll return to the necromancer just as soon as you've picked up the fragment. If you did kill the king, then you'll return to the necromancer after you've picked up the fragment and returned to Ian's house (#1).