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Imp Village

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1 - Chieftain's House

When you leave the Chieftain's house for the first time, you'll automatically start a conversation with the Chieftain's son. He'll tell you about some of the bad things that have been happening in the village lately, and he'll offer to show you how to escape the area if you can cure the imps from the disease that has been plaguing them.

To figure out what is afflicting the imps, go to Altoflix's house (#3). There you'll discover that it's the floogefrogs. When you relay this information to the Chieftain's son (worth 48,256 experience), he'll tell you that only the Alchemist can create a cure, but that the Alchemist was exiled by the Shaman and must be found. You'll find the Alchemist in the Fire Elemental Forest.

2 - Tatourix's House

You'll find Tatourix wandering around outside his house. He'll tell you that the key to his "precious money chest" is missing, and he'll ask you to look for it. You'll find it in the Lich Cave in the Earth Elemental Forest. If you give the key to Tatourix, you'll receive 29,696 experience and 1200 gold. You can also use the key to open and then loot Tatourix's chest. For that case you'll find some random objects and receive about the same amount of gold.

3 - Altoflix's House

Altoflix will tell you how he hates floogefrogs, and how he wears a mask to avoid their smell. When you leave Altoflix's house, the deathknight will announce that he knows what is ailing the imps, and he'll ask you if you've figured it out as well. It's the floogefrogs, but you won't get any experience if you give the correct response.

4 - Xantsirax's House

Xantsirax is a floogefrog herder. He'll tell you that some monster has been eating his frogs, and he'll ask you to kill it for him. You'll find the creature in a cave in the Mushroom Forest. Once you've killed it and returned to Xantsirax, you'll receive a charm and 25,056 experience.

5 - Mushroom Farmer's House

The mushroom farmer wanders around outside the house. When you talk to him, he'll ask you to fetch for him a rare mushroom from the Mushroom Forest, and he'll warn you about a "crazy imp" who protects the mushrooms there. Once you've picked up the mushroom and returned it to the farmer, you'll receive five medium stamina potions and 25,056 experience.

Inside the house you'll find a "strange chest." If you click on it, you'll be teleported to an area where tibars will attack you. This is a "mushroom trip," and you'll return just as soon as you've killed the tibars or one of your characters is "killed." Once you've returned, a new mushroom farmer named Mafnirx will appear and lock the chest, and he'll become available as a merchant.

Finally, you can also find mushroom extract in the house. It's required for a quest in the Earth Elemental Forest.

6 - Iriganirix's House

You'll find two locked chests inside Iriganirix's house. If you click on one, Iriganirix will taunt you and say you'll never find the key. In fact, you won't find the keys unless you return to the house after visiting the Shaman's Realm. Then they'll both be on the ground. Inside the chests you should find some magical equipment and charms.

7 - Herrerozix's House

8 - Graveyard

Near the front of the graveyard you'll find a gravestone for the "first plague victim." If you click on it an imp ghost will appear. It will ask you to take revenge upon the Alchemist, who it believes is responsible for the plague. If you tell the ghost that the floogefrogs are the culprit (learned by visiting #3), it will give you a worthless bone amulet as a reward. You can also use the ghost as a trainer to learn some wizard body magic spells.

At the back of the graveyard, another imp ghost will appear. He'll tell you how he loved two sisters, Azarnarixa and Parrixa, and how somebody poisoned him one day. He'll then ask you to find out who killed him. You can question the sisters at their house (#14), but you won't learn anything from them -- or from anybody else in the village, for that matter. You'll find the proof you need in the Lich Cave in the Earth Elemental Forest. The lich's diary will mention selling a "death potion" to Parrixa. When you return with the diary to the ghost, you'll receive 38,976 experience and a bone ring.

9 - Imp Hero's House

Inside the house you'll meet the imp hero's wife, who will ask you to tell the imp hero to come home and do his housework. You'll find the hero in the Spider Forest. First you'll have to kill a spider for him, and then you'll have to track him down in the village when he goes there to brag about his exploits. For your efforts you'll receive 11,136 experience. (See the Spider Forest section for more details about this quest.)

You can also find the unique crossbow Inquisition in the house, but it will only appear after you've spoken to the Tree of Insight (in the Earth Elemental Forest), or after you've visited the Shaman's Realm.

10 - Anourax's House

Anourax is the local "spider ranger." He'll tell you that his spiders have been acting strangely of late, and he'll ask you to catch one for him. However, to approach the spider, you'll have to remove your smell by using a potion the Alchemist used to make. You can find the potion (actually a cream) in the Alchemist's house (#15).

You'll find the spider at #17. If you've used the cream, then you'll be able to approach it. Otherwise it will attack, and you'll botch the quest.

To soothe the spider, you'll have to tickle it. When you talked to the ranger, he should have told you to tickle it on the right side between the second and third leg. But if you questioned him fully, he'll also have mentioned that he's been getting his directions mixed up. That means you'll need to tickle the spider on the left side between the second and third legs.

Once you've done that, the spider will begin following you. Then you'll just need to take it back to the ranger to earn 25,056 experience.

11 - Imp Merchant

The merchant will ask you to do him a favor. It seems the other merchant in town (#12) has a box in his basement, and he'll ask you to retrieve it for him. When you go to the other merchant, you'll find a lever and a locked hatch in his shop. To get to the box, you'll have to pull the lever, which will cause the merchant to admonish you, and then tell the merchant to check outside. After he leaves, you'll be able to pull the lever and enter the basement.

The basement area is a maze of sorts, and it's covered in the Merchant's Basement section. Once you've picked up the box and brought it back to the merchant, you'll earn 25,056 experience and lose a reputation point. If you open the box beforehand, the deathknight will turn pink, but nothing else will happen.

The merchant can also teach you several "survival / traps" skills.

12 - Imp Merchant

The merchant is also a trainer for several "survival" skills. For information about the lever and locked chest in his shop, see #11.

13 - Shaman's House

The shaman won't be happy to see you, but pretty much all that will come from talking to him is that you'll learn a little about the Sage, who is currently missing.

Also in the house you'll find a sapphire key and a locked chest. However, if you try to unlock the chest with the key, you'll be hit with an insect trap that will kill you very quickly. To bypass the trap, put the deathknight right next to the door, and then open the chest with your character. As soon as the insects appear, have the deathknight click on the door, which will cause both characters to leave the house. Then you can re-enter and loot the chest.

Finally, there is a locked hatch in the house, but you won't be able to move through it until after visiting the Shaman's Realm near the end of the act.

14 - Sisters' House

Inside the house you'll meet the sisters Azarnarixa and Parrixa. If you've met the imp ghost in the graveyard (#8), then you'll know that both sisters loved the imp, and that the imp was subsequently poisoned. You won't learn anything from talking to the sisters. To discover who murdered the imp, you'll have to venture outside the village. (See #8 for details.)

15 - Alchemist's House

When you approach the house, you'll learn from a guard that the Alchemist was exiled for eating fellow imps. Then to enter the house, you'll have to tell the guard that you're searching for a cure to the illness that has been plaguing the imps. If you get the answer wrong, you can just keep talking to the guard until you get it right.

Somewhere nearby the house, you should find a wandering imp simply called "imp." He'll ask you to retrieve a potion called Emu Eartes Sues from the Alchemist's house.

Inside the house, on the main floor, you'll find four unknown creams. If you've received the quest from the spider ranger (#10), then the white cream is the one you'll need to use to remove your smell. If you use the blue cream, the game will claim you feel more agile, but nothing will actually happen.

On the basement level of the house, you'll find a book describing how to make Emu Eartes Sues. The book is actually a little misleading. To make the potion, simply locate the four special potions in the basement and combine the yellow ones with the purple ones twice. (That is, drag one onto the other in your inventory. You don't need the alchemy skill for this.) The first mixture will fail (without any explanation), but the second one will form a blue potion. When you give it to the wandering imp outside, you'll receive 25,056 experience.

16 - Garbage Pit

When you approach the pit, a female imp will tell you that her brother fell into the pit while searching for gold, and now is in danger of being eaten by the monster who lives down there. Inside the pit you'll see the body of the brother right away. Even though it's labeled as a "corpse" when you click on it the imp will wake up and climb out of the pit. You won't get a reward when you talk to the female imp again, but the male imp will turn into a shopkeeper.

If you explore the entire pit, you'll find some gold and gems, and eventually you'll run into a level 22 monster. The monster shouldn't be very difficult to kill, and next to it you'll find a few treasure chests. The chests contain charms, magical equipment, and the (level 2) battlefield magical key.

17 - Escaped Spider

See #10 for information about the spider.

18 - Stignix

After you've rescued him from the Spider Forest, this is the part of the village where Stignix will wander around. When you talk to him, he'll offer to tell you a secret or give you some gold. If you choose gold, you won't actually receive anything, so learn the secret instead (which is worth 15,776 experience). Stignix will tell you about a cave entrance surrounded by three mushrooms, and that it leads to a place with "metal things, even gold." You can find the cave at #4 in the Earth Elemental Forest.


A. Lava bridge to the Citadel Surroundings.
B. Exit to the Spider Forest.
C. Exit to the Mushroom Forest.
D. Exit to the Earth Elemental Forest.
E. Exit to the Fire Elemental Forest.