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Necromancer's Third Task

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Area Note

You'll only find children in the village. If you talk to them, you'll learn that the adults all "left" or "went down."

1 - House

On the western side of the bedroom, barely visible, you can find a skillbook for ranged proficiencies.

2 - Mutant

The mutant will drop the unique cutlass soul drinker and a crystal fragment. When you pick up the crystal, Arnie (who you might have spoken to on the surface) will pop out and talk to you, and you'll learn that the crystal made all the people of the village younger, but that monsters starting taking advantage of the situation. He'll then ask you to rescue the other villagers. You don't have to do this; once you have the crystal you can exit the area at any time by climbing back to the surface and walking to the edge of the level. You'll receive 29,696 experience when you're teleported back to the necromancer.

3 - Clarissa

4 - Cassandra

5 - Tim

6 - Kevin

7 - Little Kid

8 - Philippe


A. Well / Ladder connecting the surface level to the first underground level.
B. Mineshaft / Ladder connecting the two underground levels.