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Prison - Level Five

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1 - Starting Point / Portal

This is where you'll start in the level. You'll also find a portal in the room that you can use to go back to prison level 4.

2 - Skeleton

You'll have to fight a level 10 skeleton here, so be prepared.

3 - Poisonous Gas Room

When you enter the room, poisonous gas will begin seeping up from the floor. To turn it off and also open the door to the west, pull the lever to the south (#4).

4 - Lever

5 - Skeleton Battles

In these two spots you'll encounter a few skeletons. Some good pieces of equipment should drop during each battle.

6 - Skeletons / Staircase

When you enter the room, you'll hear some skeletons describe how they've been (mis)treated by their master. If you insult the skeletons, they'll unlock the staircase in the room, allowing you to venture down to prison level 6. You'll also receive 10,584 experience.

You can also find some potions and a small air crystal in the room.