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Kiya's Crypt

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1 - Kiya

Kiya will take this opportunity to welcome you to her crypt -- and lock the doors (#2), so you won't have any choice but to face her. When she teleports away, she'll move to her private chamber (#4).

2 - Exit Doors

Once you've entered the main part of the crypt, these doors will lock until you've done everything you're supposed to do inside.

3 - Sarcophagus

When you click on the sarcophagus, a ghost will appear and ask you who sent you to retrieve his amulet. This is part of the quest started by the merchant in the Temple of Raan, and you might remember that when he gave you the quest he said that the story about the amulet involved a "loving daughter." So tell the ghost that his daughter sent you, and the ghost will not only give you the amulet, he'll also warn you that only his daughter can wear the amulet without dying. If you tell the ghost that somebody else sent you, then you'll have to fight the ghost plus the four skeleton guards around the sarcophagus, and the ghost will drop the amulet when he dies.

4 - Kiya's Chamber

This is where you'll fight Kiya. She's level 25 but otherwise not especially difficult to kill. Once she dies she'll drop a sapphire key and the unique ring Zandalor's Eye. The key unlocks the door to the north (#5).

Note: With Kiya dead, that means you've won the temple contest, and so after you exit the crypt you'll be able to visit the bishop in the temple church.

5 - Locked Door

6 - Crystal Fragment

The fragment should look familiar. When you touch it you'll be teleported to the necromancer so you can complete his fourth task. After that you'll appear next to Exit B, where you can exit the crypt.

7 - Bronze Key

You can use the bronze key to unlock the nearby exit door, just in case there is something you still need to do inside the crypt. There isn't any way to unlock the western exit door (#2), so you'll have to use Exit B to leave the crypt.


A. Entrance into the crypt.
B. Exit from the crypt. When you leave the crypt, a messenger should let you know that the bishop wishes to see you in the temple church.