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Teleporter Forest

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1 - Serrick's Tower

The front door to the tower starts out locked, but if you tell the door guard that you've come about the temple quest, he'll open it for you.

On the main floor of the tower you'll find several of Serrick's followers, including a Raanaar traitor. If you've received the quest from the Raanaar rebels, then you can talk to the traitor and either kill him to protect the Raanaar's secrets, or have him swear an oath that he won't reveal them. You'll get more experience for the quest if you accept the oath.

Also on the first level, on a bookcase in the northwestern corner, you'll find a golden key. The key unlocks a chest in the cave north of the Temple of Raan.

On the upper level of the tower you'll find Serrick himself. He'll ask you to fix the teleporter to the south (#4). This is more difficult than it sounds, because to get to the teleporter you'll have to solve a teleporter puzzle (#2), and survive ambushes by groups of level 20+ elementals. Once you've fixed the teleporter and returned to Serrick, you'll receive 5000 contest points.

2 - Teleporter Puzzle

The southern half of the area is basically one big teleporter puzzle, where your goal is to reach the broken teleporter (#4) and fix it using the gem from the Earth Elemental King (#3). To navigate the teleporters, start at Serrick's Tower (#1) and move south to #2 (which will teleport you), then move north until you teleport, south until you teleport, southeast until you teleport, northeast until you teleport (to #2a), and then west to the king. This route is depicted by the lines on the map

3 - Earth Elemental King

The king will tell you how lonely he is, because he's the only intelligent elemental around. If you convince him that he's intelligent because of the teleporter gem he found, then he'll give you the gem. Of course, once he gives up the gem he'll lose his intelligence and attack you.

4 - Teleporter

This is the broken teleporter Serrick (#1) might have asked you to fix. If you have the teleporter gem from the Earth Elemental King (#3), then you can just click on the teleporter to fix it. Fixing the teleporter will stop the random teleportations in the southern part of the zone, allowing you to move around normally.

5 - Tree

You'll find a key in the tree. The key unlocks the chest just to the east.

6 - Trapped Raanaar

The trapped Raanaar will ask that you help them escape. Once you've solved the teleporter puzzle (#2) and fixed the broken teleporter (#4), simply return to the Raanaar and tell them the good news. You won't earn any experience, but the Raanaar will tell you about a treasure cache on the southern edge of the area (#7).

7 - Treasure Cache

This cache will only appear after you've helped the trapped Raanaar (#6). Inside you'll find some gold and gems.

8 - Wine Chest

The wine chest is completely surrounded by lava and broken ground. The only way to reach the chest is to throw one of you teleporter pyramids to it and then use the other to teleport to it. Inside the chest you'll find one of many (level 4) battlefield magical keys.


A. Connection to the Raanaar Ruins.
B. Connection to the Rebel Forest.