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Raanaar Ruins

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1 - Kyrill

Kyrill is a bard. After bending your ear for a while, he'll finally ask you to kill a fire elemental for him. If you agree to help, you'll earn 32,736 experience. You'll find the fire elemental just to the southwest. Kyrill won't give you a reward for killing the elemental, but you'll receive 500 contest points for the deed. Later you can find Kyrill in the temple tavern regaling the patrons about your fight with the elemental.

2 - Zandalor's Ruins

When you approach the ruins, Zandalor will make you a deal. If you can enter the ruins and find the amulet inside, then the wizard will send you back to Rivellon. Obviously, Zandalor won't hold up his end of the bargain since that would considerably shorten the game, but a quest is a quest, right?

To enter the ruins, simply click on each of the four nearby pillars. Each one will ask you a riddle. Starting at roughly 10:30, the answers are: gold, crystal, wood, and stone. If you get an answer wrong, you can keep trying again until you get it right. Once you've answered all four riddles correctly, an entrance will appear.

The underground part of the ruins is covered in the Zandalor's Ruins section. However, the ruins are pretty straightforward, and at the end you'll find Zandalor's amulet. When you return to Zandalor with the amulet, you'll receive 40,176 experience, but you'll discover it's not really Zandalor, and you'll be forced to fight and kill the impostor.

3 - Raanaar Library

Note: If you talk to Cytha in the Temple of Raan, then the library will be labeled "Cytha Book Ruins" on your map.

Inside, when you tell the librarian that you're looking for a "special book," he'll inform you that you'll need to talk to the head librarian about that sort of request, and that the only way he'll trust you with the head librarian is if you prove yourself by determining what is causing the bad smell in the lava. You'll find the reason, a pair of bathing demons, to the south (#4). Once you've killed the demons and returned to the librarian, he'll open the door to the head librarian's room (to the north), and you'll also receive 32,736 experience.

When you ask the head librarian for a copy of The Book of Twilight, he'll give you a bronze key so you can access the book (in a room to the south), but he won't allow you to take it with you. When you arrive at the book, you'll find two guards next to it. If you put the book in your inventory, then the guards and all the librarians will turn against you. If you want to take the book but not hurt the Raanaar, put one character next to the exit and have the other take the book. Then when the Raanaar turn hostile, just exit the library. Otherwise, simply fight your way out. Nothing bad will happen if you kill the Raanaar here.

4 - Bathing Demons

The demons are related to a quest from the library (#3), and it's possible they won't appear until you've received the quest. After the demons have a short conversation, they'll attack you, and one should drop a charm when it dies.

5 - Teleporter

The teleporter will take you to the circle of teleporters in the Temple Surroundings area.

6 - Cave

Inside the cave you'll find a demon that will drop the unique helmet headbone when it dies. Near the demon you should find some exotic ore on the ground. You'll need the ore for one of the Raanaar rebel quests (in the Rebel Forest).

7 - Relic Ruins

Once you go underground you'll find the relic you need (for Brother Raze in the Temple of Raan) in the northern part of the ruins. In the southern part you'll find a wine chest with a random magical object in it.

8 - Yrev

The spellcaster will drop a skillbook of "hurricane" when he dies.


A. Connection to the Temple Surroundings.
B. Connection to the Crystal Forest.
C. Connection to the Rebel Forest.
D. Connection to the Teleporter Forest.