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Lich Cave

Did we miss anything in this location? Is there something we didn't discover? Let us know!

1 - Evil Looking Statue

You'll find three of these statues in the cave. See #5 for more information.

2 - Writings

"Don't trust your eyes."

3 - Lich

If you kill him you'll receive a permanent intelligence potion.

4 - Lich

If you kill him you'll receive a medium water crystal.

5 - Battlefield Key

You'll find the (level 4) battlefield magical key here.

6 - Pentagrams

There are five pentagrams on the floor. One has a statue in it already. To open the locked door to the south (#7), you'll have to put small statues (#1) in the remaining three outer pentagrams. Then a sapphire key will appear in the center pentagram, and you can use the key to unlock the door.

7 - Locked Door

See #5 for how to unlock it.

8 - Lich

The lich will let you take the shiny thing (a key) that the mutant outside the cave found. However, when you pick it up (worth 25,056 experience) the lich will attack -- and die just as easily as the other lichs in the cave. The key is the one Tatourix in the Imp Village might have asked you to find.

Near the lich you should also find its diary. The diary will mention selling a "death potion" to Parrixa. This is the evidence you need to prove to the ghost in the Imp Village graveyard who killed him.