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Temple Surroundings

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Area Note

When you explore the Temple of Raan (#2) you'll discover that you need to participate in a contest, and that you'll earn points in the contest by completing quests. So you'll earn contest points for quests in this act, as well as gold and experience.

1 - Teleporters

After you've finished your dialogue with Asmodheus, this is where you'll find yourself. Only one of the teleporters will work when you first find them. You'll have to activate the rest.

Starting from the working teleporter (the one at roughly 1:30) and then continuing clockwise, the teleporters lead to: the Temple Surroundings (#1a), the Raanaar Ruins, the Teleporter Forest, the Rebel Forest, and the Crystal Forest.

2 - Temple of Raan

When you approach the temple, the guards out front will stop you but then let you pass once they've noticed a deathknight is with you. You'll also receive 17,856 experience. The temple if covered in the Temple of Raan section.

3 - Traveling Merchant

The merchant will tell you how he was robbed by a group of mutants, and he'll ask you to retrieve his goods for him. You can find the mutants a little to the east (#4). After you've helped the mutants defeat a water elemental, they'll offer to let you have half of the goods. If you accept that deal, you'll receive 25,296 experience and 1200 gold. If you kill the mutants to get back all of the goods, then you'll receive 47,616 experience, 2400 gold, and 1500 contest points.

Once you've completed the quest, the merchant will leave, so be sure to do some shopping with him first. "Why do these things always happen to me?"

4 - Overturned Cart

See #3 for details.

5 - Hole

You'll find a Raanaar statue and a charm in the hole. When you attempt to take the statue, a temple soldier will come running up and claim that since the statue was buried on temple property it belongs to the temple. You can either give the statue to the soldier, or you can kill him and keep it. If you give up the statue then you can find it later in the temple warehouse. You'll eventually need the statue for a quest in the Rebel Forest.

6 - Stit

When Stit dies he'll drop a skillbook for the "meteor shower" spell.

7 - Talking Tibar

The tibar is really a warlock who was cursed by the witch Cassandra (found in the Temple of Raan). He'll ask you to curse the witch in return, and he'll give you a curse scroll for that purpose. All you'll have to do is find old cheese (in the temple warehouse) and bat guano (in Cassandra's house) to complete the curse.

Once you've cursed Cassandra, she'll give you a tibar potion to cure the warlock. Then once you've given the potion to the warlock, he'll give you a Raanaar wand, and you'll also receive 40,176 experience and 2500 contest points. The warlock will also become a trainer for "wizard / elemental" skills.

8 - Seeing Stone

The seeing stone is involved in a quest from the Rebel Forest.

9 - Blood Knights

The blood knights are level 23 and pretty mean. If you have the "hammer" spell then these are good places to use it.

10 - Raanaar Book

This is the book that Barnabus (in the Temple of Raan) might have asked you to find.

11 - Cave

The cave starts out locked, and you won't be able to open it until near the end of the act when you're able to talk to the Raanaar prisoner in the Temple of Raan.

The cave is shaped like an upside-down "T." On the eastern side you'll find a locked chest. The key to open it can be found in Serrick's Tower (in the Teleporter Forest). The Staff of Power should be on the ground just to the south of the chest.

12 - Looc

Looc will drop a skillbook for "lightning storm" when he dies.


A. Connection to the Crystal Forest.
B. Connection to the Raanaar Ruins.