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Samuel's Lair

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1 - Samuel

Fortunately for you, Samuel will get summoned away before he can imprison you again, but four of his level 14 demonic guards will attack you. This can be a tough fight, but if you concentrate your attacks on one guard at a time and use potions liberally (go back to the battlefield if you need more), you should be able to get through it. When the guards die, two of them will drop keys. The keys unlock the two treasure rooms (#2 and #3).

2 - Treasure Room

Among other things, you'll find a strange-looking key on the floor. It unlocks the forge in the barracks level (#5).

3 - Treasure Room

Among other things, you'll find a sapphire key and a (level 3) battlefield magical key on the floor. The sapphire key unlocks the door in the barracks level (#14) that leads to the exit staircase.


A. Stairs back to the barracks level.