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Temple Catacombs 3

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1 - Raan

Raan will appear and warn you not to take anything that does not belong to you. However, this only applies to the piles of treasure (#2). You can loot anything else you want in the level.

2 - Piles of Treasure

If you ignore Raan's warning and take some treasure, then a pit will appear under the piles, and you'll fall through into a special dungeon level (arriving at #2a). However, as before, Raan will decide you've understood the lesson no matter what you do, and so you might want to fail just so you can explore the dungeon.

3 - Portal Stone

If you click on the stone, then you'll exit the dungeon part of the level and appear back in the main part of it (at #3a).


A. Stairs back up to level 2.
B. Stairs down to level 4.