Training Grounds

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1 - Starting Point

When you enter the area, a level 10 guard will attack you. When he dies he should drop citadel guard armor and a key, and the deathknight will suggest you use the armor to disguise yourself. As long as you wear the armor, most enemies on the level will leave you be and even give you quests, so it's best to wear it. The key unlocks the door to the west.

2 - Battlefield Key

Here you'll find a (level 2) battlefield magical key. It's on the ground hidden behind the barrels, so press the alt key to see it.

3 - Three Levers

In the room you'll find three levers. If you move them in a particular order, they'll open the door to the east (#4). Several different orders work (so you can solve this puzzle through trial and error pretty easily) but the shortest solution is to pull the rightmost lever, then the leftmost lever, and then the middle lever.

4 - Locked Door

You can unlock the door by using the levers to the west (#3).

5 - Captain Brainwash

He can teach you warrior defensive specialties (level 5).

6 - Weapons Officer

He's a shopkeeper, and he can also teach you warrior craftsmanship skills (level 5).

7 - Summoning Room

If you click on the four "scribe scrolls" around the altar, you'll summon a level 18 ghost, which will probably be tough to kill.

8 - Sapphire Key and Chest

In the room you'll find a sapphire key and a locked chest, both hidden among the packages. When you unlock the chest with the key, a ghost will attack. Between the chest and the encounter, you should find a couple magical objects.

9 - Tully

Tully is a merchant. He'll also ask you to retrieve for him the book "A Little Torture Primer" from General Bram's quarters on the barracks level. When you give it to him you'll earn 15,984 experience, plus receive deathknight claw, a two-handed claymore.

10 - Guard

The guard will tell you that recruits aren't allowed to laugh. If you proceed to tell him a joke, you'll receive 5184 experience and 300 gold. If instead you leave him alone, you'll receive 7344 experience.

11 - Amon the Medical Officer

Amon is the medical officer. He'll ask you to find the book "Poisonous Creatures." You can find the book on prison level 1, in the arena. When you give it to Amon, you'll receive 13,824 experience, and he'll give you the key to the locked cupboard in his room. Inside the cupboard you'll find five minor healing potions plus a skillbook for wizard skills and alchemy.

Note: The deathknight will suggest that you could get a better deal for the book elsewhere, but as far as we've seen, Amon is the only one who wants it.

Also in Amon's room, on a table in the northeastern corner, you should find a silver key and some sulfur. Both might come in handy later.

12 - Hiding Soldier

The first time you click on the soldier you'll learn that he's afraid of something called the "parcours" (#14). If you click on him after that you'll attack him.

13 - Drill Officer

Around here a drill officer will stop you and ask you what prompted you to join the army. If you answer anything other than "chaos led me" then the drill officer and the guards around him will attack you, and you'll probably die. If you give the correct answer, then you can use the drill officer as a trainer to learn two-handed weapon skills.

14 - Parcours

At the front of the parcours you should find a guard named Laurel. He'll challenge you to a test, but he'll neglect to tell you it's the parcours that everybody seems to be afraid of. If you accept his challenge he'll open up the door for you.

The parcours is just a short maze with some traps in it. To avoid the traps, talk to the dishwasher at #16c to learn the safest route to take. You can also just blunder through the course and save and rest as you go along. The door at the end should open automatically when you get close enough to it. Be sure to pick up the key along the northern wall of the course before you leave. It unlocks a chest in the dungeon below General Bram's room in the barracks level.

After exiting, when you talk to Laurel again you'll receive 11,664 experience and 800 gold.

15 - Locked Door

You can open the door using the nearby lever (on the western side).

16 - Levers

Each of the four levers is associated with a word:

a) Beware
b) of
c) the
d) traps

If you pull them in that order, then the locked door at #18 will open, allowing you to move further into the level.

At #16b you'll also meet Ounox, who, if you convince him, will tell you about a secret chamber beyond the exit door (#18). Convincing Ounox (either way) will also net you 7344 experience.

Finally, at #16c you'll find a dishwasher who will give you clues about the parcours (#14), plus train you in warrior "with shield" skills.

17 - Archery Competition

If you talk to Rupert, he'll bend your ear about how he thinks Edgar Sureshot, the egotistical champion archer, is cheating during the competitions. Then if you talk to Vadorix the "archer's contest imp," you'll learn that Rupert is right; Vadorix moves the targets to help out Sureshot.

This gives you a choice. If you report your findings to Rupert, you'll receive 12,744 experience, 500 gold and one reputation point. If instead you blackmail Sureshot, you'll receive 13,824 experience and 1000 gold, but lose a reputation point.

18 - Locked Door

You can open the door by pulling the levers (#16a-d) in the right order.

19 - Patrol

When you get close enough to the patrol, it will attack you. The patrol should be relatively easy to kill, and the lieutenant will drop a composite key. The key unlocks the door at #20.

20 - Locked Room

You can unlock the room using the composite key that the lieutenant of the patrol (#19) drops. Inside the room you'll find a lever. Pulling the lever will open the wall at #21.

21 - Moveable Wall

To open the wall, you'll need to kill the patrol at #19 and pull the lever at #20.

22 - Five Levers

If you pull the western four levers, you'll open the door at #23. If you pull the easternmost lever, you'll have to fight a level 8 gargoyle.

23 - Locked Door

You can open the door by pulling the levers at #22.


A. Stairs to prison level 1.
B. Stairs to the barracks.