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Prison - Level Eight

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1 - Three Keys

The left and right keys are illusionary. When you click on them you'll be attacked by stone gargoyles. When you click on the middle key, an ancient pyramid will appear on the pedestal. Clicking on the pyramid will teleport you to prison level 2. The middle key unlocks the door you'll start out next to there.

2 - Crystal Bag

The deathknight will explain how the bag works when you pick it up. If you place crystals in the bag, then whoever holds the bag will gain resistances based on the types and sizes of the crystals. You should give the bag to whichever character is most likely to be attacked in combat.

To open the bag, simply click on it in the inventory screen. Then drag crystals to or from the bag to change what resistances the character will receive (that is, placing crystals in the bag is not permanent).


A. Stairs back to prison level 7.