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Fire Elemental Forest

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1 - Alchemist's Hideout

If you haven't discovered what is ailing the imps in the Imp Village, and if you haven't reported your findings to the Chieftain's son yet, you should do that first before talking to the Alchemist. Then when you tell the Alchemist what's going on (worth 25,056 experience), he'll agree to make a cure for the imps provided you can find three components: blue larakiki root (#4), grey quisirisi fruit (#3), and bafflimiri mushroom (#6).

Note: Bringing the components to the Alchemist will start you on the path to Act Three. So complete any quests you want to do first.

When you bring the components to the Alchemist (worth 29,696 experience), you'll decide to sneak back into the Imp Village and find proof that the Shaman is behind all the bad things that have been going on. In the Shaman's cellar, you'll have to fight the Shaman, but once you've damaged him enough you'll be teleported to his realm. See the Shaman's Realm section for more information.

2 - Odd Looking Gems

The gems are fire elemental "eggs." If you pick them up then every so often one will hatch, and you'll have to fight an elemental.

3 - Grey Quisirisi Fruit

You'll receive 11,136 experience for picking it up.

4 - Blue Larakiki Root

You'll receive 11,136 experience for picking it up.

5 - Strange Candles

Supposedly, if you light and then extinguish the strange candles here, you'll also "extinguish" the fire elementals in the area. But it's better to simply kill the elementals so you get the experience for them.

6 - Stone

If you've spoken to the Alchemist, then you'll recognize the stone as the one he mentioned, and you'll be able to push it out of the way, revealing a hole in the ground. The hole leads to the Mutant Cave. See that section for more information.

7 - Runkarr

You'll find a level 19 demon named Runkarr here. It will drop the bastard sword mudstinger when it dies.

8 - Meteorite

The meteorite isn't involved in any quests, but you can find some gems and crystals on the ground near it.

9 - Teleporters

If you click on teleporter #9a, it will take you to teleporter #9b. If you click on teleporter #9b, it will take you to teleporter #9a. So how do you get to teleporter #9c? Double click on teleporter #9a. You can also use your teleporter pyramids (found in the Mushroom Forest) to reach teleporter #9c.

Next to teleporter #9c you should find a key on the ground. It unlocks a chest in the Spider Forest.

10 - Blocked Cave

Cracks in the ground prevent you from walking to the cave, so you'll have to throw one of your teleporter pyramids over the cracks and then teleport to the cave. The interior of the cave is covered in the Blocked Cave section.


A. Exit to the Imp Village.