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Crystal Forest

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1 - Imp Cave

You'll find the black imp Xanaxil in the cave. He's the imp the cursed man in the Temple of Raan thinks caused the curse. But when you talk to the imp, he'll claim the crystals of the Crystal Forest are responsible.

You'll also find a closet and a locked chest in the room. Opening the closet triggers an insect trap, which has a good chance of killing you, so keep the deathknight next to the exit ladder when you open the closet, and then have the deathknight immediately click on the ladder to keep you from getting killed.

The sapphire key that unlocks the chest is right next to the exit ladder. Inside the chest you should find a set of spine bone armor, one of the few halfway decent unique items in the game.

2 - Cave

You'll find some chests to loot inside. If you save the merchant in the nearby army camp (#6), then he'll end up here.

3 - Mage and Deathknight

You'll be attacked by a mage and a deathknight here. The mage will drop disguise armor and a pair of notes. If you wear the armor and carry the note with the phrase "these are not the couple we're looking for" in it, then you'll be able to enter the army camp to the north (#6) without a fight.

4 - Era

Era is a level 33 spellcaster, but he's pretty easy to kill nonetheless. When he dies he'll drop a skillbook for the "acid rain" spell.

5 - Battlefield Key

You'll find the (level 2) battlefield magical key on the ground here.

6 - Army Camp

If you're not wearing the disguise armor and carrying one of the notes from the encounter to the south (#2), then the guard in front of the camp will attack you. However, the people inside the camp won't really care what you wear, and they won't notice if you kill the door guard to get inside.

The interior if the camp has a single quest. General Bran (formerly known as General Bram) will ask you to investigate the camp merchant. When you talk to the merchant, if the deathknight is close enough to him, then he'll readily admit to gouging his prices. Then you'll have a choice. If you take the side of the merchant, you'll earn 32,736 experience, and the merchant will move to the "rabbit cave" (#2) to continue his business. If you side with the general, then the merchant will probably be tortured and killed, but you'll earn 40,176 experience. Oddly, you won't earn any contest points for siding with the general.

In the underground portion of the camp you can find mage gloves. When you pick them up, a young mercenary mage will appear and attack you, but he should die easily. Nothing will happen the first time you exit the underground area, but if you enter it and exit a second time, then General Bran will realize that you've killed the mage and he'll attack. Bran will drop the unique shield angel's hide plus a platinum key when he dies, and the mage who assists him will drop a skillbook of "flash" and "swap places." The platinum key unlocks the front gate of the army camp, which General Bram locked when he spotted you.

7 - Burning Cart

The burning cart and the carnage around it aren't related to any quests.

8 - Crystal

You'll find a camp around the crystal, and some blood on the ground. This is the crystal the cursed man from the Temple of Raan was chipping away at.

Near the crystal you should meet a witch named Raven. She'll tell you that a sliver of crystal must have entered the cursed man, and that it's the sliver causing the problem. She'll further tell you that she can cure the man's plight but that she'll need three plants: Eagle's Crest, Foxfairy and Purple Turnips. The plants are located at #9. When you give the plants to Raven, she'll give you a crystal curse poultice, and you'll earn 32,736 experience and 1500 contest points.

9 - Plants

These are the plants required for the quest in #8.

10 - Teleporter

If you click on the teleporter you'll jump to the circle of teleporters in the Temple Surroundings area.

11 - Underground Entrance

The entrance leads into a small dungeon. On the southern side of the dungeon you'll find an earth demon. When it dies it will drop a silver key. The key unlocks a door on the western side. Beyond that door you'll find the missing expedition party (mentioned on the billboard in the Temple of Raan). For freeing them you'll receive 40,176 experience and 2500 contest points.

On the eastern side of the dungeon you can also pick up the unique scythe defender.

12 - Oren

Oren will tell you that this is where Damian entered the world, that he has some sort of treasure, and that he'll show you the treasure if you kill the imps who are hunting him. The imps are located at #13.

13 - Imp Hunters and Cave

When you approach the imps you'll learn that they're hunting Oren (#12) because he burned down one of their villages and killed many imps. The imps will then ask for your help. If you can retrieve some sort of powerful weapon from the cave right next to their camp, then they'll use the weapon to defeat Oren. You might as well side with the imps here; as far as we can tell, you won't get anything for siding with Oren.

Inside the cave you'll have to fight a level 23 water elemental, but you should find the "unique" scythe defender. (Since there's another "unique" scythe defender, and since this weapon doesn't look like a scythe, it's probably buggy.) When you show the weapon to the imps, they'll allow you to keep it if you kill Oren for them. Oren is a pushover, and he'll drop the two-handed axe decapitator when he dies. Then when you return to the imps and talk to their leader, you'll earn 40,176 experience for your deeds.

"So... you're going to run around for these imps... for a reward you've already *got*! You amaze me sometimes, human."

14 - Spirit of the Forest

The spirit will ask you to restore the four altars surrounding it (#15a-d). Each altar contains a riddle. Once you've answered the four riddles correctly and returned to the spirit, you'll receive a permanent survival potion.

15 - Altars

Each altar contains a riddle. Here are the answers:

a) Spit
b) Blow
c) Wood
d) Earth

16 - Mutant

The mutant won't want to let you pass. So you can either bribe it with 100 gold, or you can kill it. If you kill the mutant it will drop a charm.


A. Connection to the Temple Surroundings.
B. Connection to the Raanaar Ruins.
C. Connection to the Rebel Forest.