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Rebel Forest

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1 - Raanaar Patrol

The patrol won't like you much, but they'll allow you to rest at their camp.

2 - Teleporter

If you click on the teleporter you'll jump to the circle of teleporters in the Temple Surroundings area.

3 - Battlefield Key

You'll find the (level 4) battlefield magical key here.

4 - Cave Monsters and Cave

The cave monsters will tell you how they were driven out of their "narrrgnar" cave by demons, and how if you were to kill the demons you could claim the treasure inside. In the cave you'll only find a single level 21 demon, and it will drop a demon's bane gem when it dies. Then when you exit the cave and talk to the cave monsters again, they'll give you shadow leggings, and you'll also earn 32,736 experience

5 - Raanaar Patrol

If you help the patrol defeat the demons attacking them, they'll show you the secret entrance to their hideout (#21).

6 - Raanaar Hideout

The Raanaar wander around, and they're not labeled well, so keeping track of them and their quests can be a challenge. Also, for a few of the quests, you might already have picked up the object to be fetched. In those cases you might have to drop the object and then pick it up again to get the dialogue option to complete the quest.

Finally, when you talk to the rebel elder at the entrance of the camp, he'll make it sound like you'll have to choose sides between the Raanaar and the Black Ring, but you won't. Agreeing to help the Raanaar just means you'll be able to do some quests for them. Completing the quests won't hurt your standing in the contest at the Temple of Raan.

Here are the quests you can receive.

Raanaar Rebel 1: He'll ask you to persuade a wayward Raanaar to return to the fold, or kill him if it looks like he'll give up the Raanaar's secrets. You'll find the Raanaar in Serrick's Tower in the Teleporter Forest. If you kill the Raanaar, then you'll receive 40,176 experience for the quest. If you accept the Raanaar's oath that he won't reveal the secrets, then you'll receive 77,376 experience for the quest.

Raanaar Rebel 2: He'll ask you to find a "totem statue," and he'll mark the location of its hiding place on your map. (Even though he'll claim it's north of the Temple of Raan, it's really south of the temple.) This is the Raanaar statue you might have stumbled upon before, and it'll either be in the hole indicated by the Raanaar rebel, or it will be in the temple warehouse. You won't get anything for returning the statue to the rebel.

Raanaar Rebel 3: He'll ask you to disable the seeing stone west of the Temple of Raan, but he won't have any suggestions for how to do this. (Supposedly, you can find a Raanaar book entitled the Portal of Rixx that gives a clue for this quest, but we've never located it.) To disable the stone, just click on it to see the areas that it can view, and then place a mirror (found in a grave in the Temple of Raan) in one of those places. Then the next time you click on the stone, it will break (but not give you a message to that effect). When you return to the rebel, he'll seem happy, but as far as we can tell he won't give you a reward.

Raanaar Rebel 4: He'll ask you to kill a nearby monster. The monster's cave is on the western side of the rebel hideout. The deathknight will comment about rats and garbage when you get close to it. Inside the cave you'll find a level 25 "critter." You'll receive 47,616 experience for killing it. Then when you return to the rebel, if you tell him why the monster was angry, you'll receive a large fire crystal.

Raanaar Rebel 5: He'll ask you to retrieve an urn from the Temple of Raan. You'll find the Raanaar urn in the warehouse there. When you give it to the rebel, he'll give you a shadow shield, and you'll also earn 47,616 experience.

Rebel Elder: After you've completed two quests for the rebels, the rebel elder will give you a new quest. He'll ask you to re-form the Red Demon's Bane sword. The sword requires two parts: a gem and a pommel. You can find the gem in the nearby cave in the Rebel Forest (#4), and the pommel can be formed by the blacksmith in the Temple of Raan. The blacksmith will need exotic ore, which can be found in a cave in the Raanaar Ruins. Once you've had the blacksmith form the pommel (worth 25,296 + 32,736 experience) and once you've picked up the gem, then the elder will reward you with a permanent constitution potion when you give the items to him.


A. Connection to the Crystal Forest.
B. Connection to the Raanaar Ruins.
C. Connection to the Teleporter Forest.