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Necromancer's Fourth Task

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Area Note

When you talk to the miners (#1), they'll claim that the imps have gone crazy and are attacking their salt mine for no reason. However, when you go into the mine (Exit A) and talk to Zaknadrix the imp (#3), he'll tell a different story, how the humans somehow stole the imps' water supply, and how the imps have to invade the humans to get it back. Zaknadrix will also mention how he saw a human with a crystal.

When you talk to the miner Murray, he'll admit that he has a crystal in his cellar (#2), and that it magically brings water to the miners. If you ask to see his cellar, he'll give you his key, but he'll warn you that he won't let you take away the crystal.

In Murray's house, once you've gone into the cellar and picked up the crystal fragment, the three miners will appear and attack you. As soon as you've killed the trio, you'll briefly speak to Zaknadrix and then be summoned back to the necromancer. You'll also earn 55,056 experience.

1 - Miners

The miners are shopkeepers.

2 - Murray's House

3 - Zaknadrix


A. Ladder between the surface and the mine.