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Spider Forest

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Area Note

While in the forest you'll likely find Jarnic's Apprentice Staff and Jarnic's Magic Robe. These items do not relate to a quest, and they can be sold or dropped.

1 - Medium Poison Crystal

You'll find it lying on the ground.

2 - Imp Hero

The imp "hero" will ask you to kill a spider for him so he can claim the achievement for himself. The spider he wants you to kill is just to the north. It looks like all the other spiders in the forest, but you'll recognize it because it'll drop a spider leg when it dies. When you bring the leg to the hero, he'll give you a mace and then return to the village.

If you have the quest from the imp hero's wife to tell the hero to come back home, then you'll have to follow the hero to the village. You'll find him south of the Chieftain's house, regaling the imps with his exploits. When you tell him to go home, you'll earn 11,136 experience. If you go back to the wife, she'll give you two bottles. "What a wimp... He should eat more mushrooms!"

3 - Locked Chest

You'll find the key to this chest in the Fire Elemental Forest. You won't necessarily find anything interesting inside. The chest might even be empty.

4 - Illusion

When you approach this area, you'll find an imp caught in a spider web. But when you try to rescue the imp, you'll discover that it's a trap, and four spiders will attack. There isn't a reward for this encounter, but you'll find a few spider cocoons in the area, and they might have magical items in them.

5 - Spider Ceremony

You'll find a few spiders here performing a sacrifice for their god Arachaeia. You won't be able to save the imp, but you can kill the spiders and then loot the nearby cocoon for the bastard sword Cloudstinger.

6 - Imp Patrol

The patrol will agree not to kill you if you do them a favor: free an imp from the spider mummy. The "mummy" part is a joke. It's really the Spider Queen (#7) you'll have to thwart. Once you've rescued the imp (worth 38,976 experience) the patrol will disappear. The rescued imp's name is Stignix, and he'll now appear in the Imp Village.

7 - Spider Queen

The spider queen is only level 16, and is surprisingly easy to kill. Once it dies, it should drop a charm, a spider poison cure, and a demonic summoning doll. Nearby you should also find a spider queen web. This is required for a quest in the Earth Elemental Forest.

Finally, also near the queen, you should find an imp "corpse." This is the imp the patrol (#6) wanted you to save. Simply talk to the imp and give him the poison cure to revive him and earn 38,976 experience. The imp's name is Stignix, and he'll now appear in the Imp Village.

8 - Hermit's Cave

Inside, the hermit will ask you to find a spider amulet for him. You can find the amulet in the hole to the north (#9). When you give it to him, the hermit will reward you with holy water, and you'll also receive 25,056 experience. Holy water can be used to make permanent ability-increasing potions, provided you have the alchemy skill and the right alchemy plants.

The hermit is also a shopkeeper and a trainer for a few shaman spells (including the useful "hammer" spell).

9 - Hole

The hole is partially hidden by nearby rocks. Inside, you'll have to fight a couple mutants, but you should also find a chest on the western side. Among other things, the chest will contain the spider amulet the hermit (#8) might have asked you to fetch.

10 - Fighting Spiders

When you approach the area, you'll see some spiders fighting each other. Nothing seems to come of the encounter.

11 - Old Spider

Unlike the other spiders in the forest, this one will talk to you. It will tell you how it is building a big and beautiful web for its grandchildren to admire, but how other spiders are sabotaging the work each night. It will then ask you to help against the vandals. If you agree, then three vandal spiders will appear nearby (usually to the southeast), and, if you kill them, the old spider will reward you with a charm.

12 - Exiled Spider

The exiled spider will ask you to kill the priest spider who exiled him. You can find the priest at #13. When you've killed it and returned to the exiled spider, you'll receive a chain helmet and 15,776 experience.

Note: If you kill the spider priest before talking to the exiled spider, the exiled spider will disappear.

13 - Spider Priest

See #12 for information about the priest.

14 - Spider Poet

The spider isn't relevant to any quests.

15 - Octorr

Octorr is a level 18 demon. When it dies it will drop the sword Wavestinger.


A. Exit back to the Imp Village.