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Necromancer's First Task

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Area Note

You'll be summoned to the necromancer the first time you leave the Imp Village. He'll ask you find a crystal fragment in an abbey. "Resistance is futile." You might recognize the abbey as the Cursed Abbey from Divine Divinity.

1 - Witch

The witch will tell you that the paladins in the abbey slaughtered an entire village to get to her -- obviously the result of a crystal fragment being nearby. The witch can also teach you the "lightning storm" spell. You'll receive 11,136 experience when you finish talking to her.

2 - Doors and Levers

Use the levers to open the doors.

3 - Locked Chest

You can find the key at #4.

4 - Golden Key

The key unlocks the chest at #3.

5 - Sapphire Key

The key unlocks the chest at #6.

6 - Locked Chest

You can find the key at #5.

7 - Lever

The lever unlocks the door at #8.

8 - Locked Door

Use the lever at #7 to unlock the door.

9 - Bronze Key

It unlocks the weapon closet at #10.

10 - Locked Weapon Closet

You'll find the key at #9. Inside you should find a decent weapon of some sort.

11 - Locked Door

It will open after you've acquired the crystal fragment (#15).

12 - Sleeping Quarters

Inside you'll find a platinum key and a locked chest. The key opens the chest.

13 - Bronze Key

It unlocks the door to the east (#14).

14 - Locked Door

The key to unlock it is on the table to the west (#13).

15 - Crystal Fragment / Sir Achim

When you pick up the crystal fragment, Sir Achim will show up. You'll quickly convince him that the fragment is evil, and you'll find out that the witch down below is trying to break free.

On the lower level you'll now find some level 8 gargoyles, plus the level 13 witch. None of them should be overly difficult to kill. Once you've taken care of the witch and returned to Sir Achim, you'll be transported back to the necromancer and earn 29,696 experience. Then the necromancer will return you to the Imp Village.


A. Stairs between the lower and main levels.