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Prison - Levels Six & Seven

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1 - Book

The passage in the book reads, "In a row, like the water flow, six is thrown, one is not shown, look around on the ground, watch your back or you'll be hacked." This is a clue for prison level 7.

2 - Battlefield Key

It's a level 1 key, so if you missed the one on prison level 1, you can get it here.

3 - Pillars

There are six pillars. Each one has a skull attached. If you click on the skulls from highest to lowest (or from "a" to "f") then the stone in the center of the area (#4) will disappear, revealing a staircase down into a treasure room. In the treasure room you'll find some random magical objects, plus a lever. When you press the lever, you'll earn 11,664 experience, and the statue blocking the staircase (Exit C) will disappear, allowing you to move on to prison level 8.

If you click on the skulls in the wrong order, then you'll have to fight a stone gargoyle for each pillar, and then, after the sixth pillar, fight a stone golem as well. This method will also unblock the staircase to prison level 8 (Exit C), and it will earn you a little more experience, but it will prevent you from visiting the treasure room.


A. Stairs leading back to prison level 5.
B. Stairs between prison levels 6 and 7.
C. Stairs to prison level 8. You'll have to remove the statue blocking the stairs first (see #3).