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Temple Catacombs 4-5

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1 - Raan

Raan will tell you to "choose one way... but choose wisely." This refers to the decision you'll have to make in the chest room (#2).

2 - Chest Room

In this room you'll find four chests and four keys. Once you've picked up one key, the other three keys will disappear. If you open the golden chest you'll receive 5000 gold. If you open the metal chest you'll receive full plate armor. If you open the stone chest you'll receive a two handed battle hammer. If you open the wooden chest you'll receive ent wood. Since the equipment is all junk, you should choose the golden chest.

3 - Catacombs Armor

When you pick up the catacombs armor the black bishop will appear and attack you. The bishop can cast some nasty spells, but he isn't immune to the "hammer" spell or anything, and he won't have any help. When the bishop dies, he'll drop the unique scepter fist of doom (not to mention a whole bunch of arrows), and the locked door to the south (#4) will open.

4 - Locked Door

5 - Raan

Raan will ask you to find the three symbols of her domain and present them to her. You'll find the godly symbol through Exit C, the symbol of war at #6, and the symbol of honor at #7. Once you've collected the three symbols and returned to the room, Raan will cure Elder Anlokam (who will then move south to #8), but you won't receive any experience.

6 - War Monster

"RAAAAARRR!!!" When you kill the monster, it will drop the symbol of war.

7 - Stairs to the Statue of Honor

When you approach the statue, it will talk to you briefly and then present you with the symbol of honor.

8 - Crystal Fragment

When you approach the crystal fragment, Elder Anlokam will talk to you and tell you that you'll need to bring the reassembled crystal back to this world. (And she'll do this even if you haven't cured her yet. Oops.)

Touching the crystal will send you to the necromancer for one last task. Once you've collected the final crystal fragment for him, and then once you've killed him, you'll return to this level, and Elder Anlokam will send you to the Raanaar Academy. There you'll simply have to pay for the entrance vow, and then, once you've entered, you'll trigger the start of Act Four. So be sure to finish up everything in this act before completing the crystal quest.


A. Stairs back up to level 3.
B. Stairs between levels 4 and 5.
C. Portal to level 6.