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Shaman's Realm

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll appear when you enter the realm.

2 - Shaman

The Shaman will be tougher when you face him this time, and he'll also have some creatures helping him. So as soon as the cut scene ends, move back the way you came so you'll only have to fight as few enemies as possible. Then just hammer away at the Shaman until you kill him, drinking potions as necessary. When the Shaman dies he'll drop the unique ring morpheus and a key. The key unlocks the door at #3.

3 - Locked Door

You can unlock the door using the key that the Shaman drops.

4 - Room

You'll discover two things of interest in the room: on the ground you'll find a key, and on a stand you'll find the second book describing the Raanaar alphabet. The key unlocks the door at #5.

5 - Locked Door

You'll find the key in the nearby room (#4).

6 - Locked Door

You can unlock the door by pulling the lever just to the north.

7 - Sage

If you talked to the imps in the Imp Village, you might have heard that the Sage disappeared at about the same time that things started going wrong. When you talk to the Sage here, you'll learn that he was imprisoned by the Shaman after confronting the Shaman about sneaking a crystal into the village. Then he'll run off in pursuit of the crystal and in the process open the door at #8.

8 - Locked Door

The Sage (#7) will unlock the door after you've spoken to him.

9 - Crystal Fragment

When you click on the crystal fragment, it will disappear. Then you'll have a conversation with the imps (worth 48,256 experience), and finally you'll end up back at the necromancer. See the Necromancer's Third Task section for more information. When you return from the task, you'll find yourself back in the Shaman's basement, but the imp Taxlehix will let you know that Samuel visited the village while you were gone and slaughtered all the imps. He'll also offer to show you the way to the Temple of Raan, but you should decline his invitation for the moment. When you accept it, you'll move on to Act Three, so first explore the town again (dead imps will have dropped things) and visit the battlefield if you need to do any shopping.