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Mutant Cave

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1 - Golden Key

The golden key looks inaccessible, but if you move a couple barrels out of the way, you'll discover that some of the wall is illusionary, allowing you to grab it. The key unlocks the chest at #3.

2 - Locked Door

You can unlock it by pulling the lever to the south (after you've completed the necromancer's second task).

3 - Wine Chest

The chest looks inaccessible, but there is an illusionary wall here just like at #1, allowing you to get to the chest. The chest starts out locked, but you can use the golden key (#1) to unlock it.

4 - Locked Doors

You can unlock the doors by pulling the lever inside the room (after you've completed the necromancer's second task).

5 - Crystal

When you click on the crystal you be sent back to the necromancer, who will have another task for you. See the Necromancer's Second Task section for more information.

6 - Yellow Bafflimiri Mushroom

You'll receive 11,136 experience when you pick it up.


A. Exit back to the Crystal Forest.
B. Stairs from level 1 to level 2. Once you've gone down the steps, they'll collapse behind you, and you won't be able to use them to get back up.
C. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.