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1 - Taxlehix

Taxlehix, your old friend the borrower / merchant / trainer, will mention his uncle Nixfix, and he'll tell you a riddle for how to find him: "Where you level up / Count back from 10 and stop at T / Turn to your heart and look for me / You can't see but follow your knee." That's impish for "Go north and then hang a left." After the conversation you'll find Nixfix and Taxlehix at #3.

2 - Critter

You'll have to fight a level 25 "critter" here. On the ground near the monster you should see a pair of red gems. You'll need one of the gems for the Statue Room (#11).

3 - Nixfix and Taxlehix

Nixfix will talk about a lot of things (like a monster somewhere in the tunnels), but he won't be very helpful about anything. Later, after you've been to level 2 and learned that you'll need a kohar root for the first summoning test, Nixfix will propose a trade: you bring him a mushroom (located at #13) and he'll give you the root. To make the exchange, just talk to Nixfix again. The kohar root should appear in your inventory. (Since you'll probably have picked up the mushroom before receiving the quest, you might need to drop it and then pick it up again to get Nixfix to recognize that you have it.)

Later still, during the second summoning quest, you'll learn that you'll need a book about summoning strategies, and that an imp probably has it. When you talk to Nixfix and then Taxlehix, you'll discover that an imp named Hoxplox is the likely culprit, but that he's in the Lower Tunnels. Taxlehix will then give you a key so you can unlock the door to the west and access those tunnels (via Exit F).

Also in the room you should find a locked chest. The key for the chest can be found at (#7).

4 - Locked Door

The lever to open the door is just to the east.

5 - Shadows

When you enter the room, several shadows will complain about the noise you're making. If you have the guitar from Academy Level 1, then you can play it to make the shadows even more miserable, and then they'll give you the unique amulet heart of the spirits to make you stop. If you don't play the guitar, then you'll have to kill the shadows. In that case you won't receive the amulet, but you will get the experience for killing the shadows. Since the amulet isn't very useful, killing the shadows is probably the best plan.

Also, in one of the "entrances" on the northern side of the room, you should find a magical object.

6 - Illusionary Wall

7 - Key

The key is in a vase. It unlocks the chest in Nixfix's room (#3).

8 - Door and Lever

Pull the lever (#8a) to open the door.

9 - Levers

These four levers open the doors at #17.

10 - Hole

When you click on the hole, you'll see "two yellow gems blinking down there." If you then reach inside, you'll either pick up a (worthless) bone or a yellow gem. You'll need a yellow gem for the Statue Room (#11), so keep reaching inside the hole until you get one.

11 - Statue Room

The first thing you should do in the room is read the note. You'll learn that you'll need some orange gems in order to get to the gem in the locked part of the room. However, you'll only find red gems (at #2) and yellow gems (at #10) in the tunnels. So how do you get orange gems? That's right; you'll need to combine them. Place one red gem and one yellow gem in the imp statue, and then step away. The door to the white gem next to the dragon statue will open up, allowing you to get it. You can use the gem at #14.

12 - Door and Lever

You can use the lever (#12a) to open the door.

13 - Mushroom

You'll find a mushroom on the ground here. You'll need it for a later quest.

14 - Raanaar Ghost

The ghost will ask for its gem back. If you acquired the gem from the Statue Room (#11), then if you give the gem to the ghost, the ghost will tell you about the nearby illusionary wall. Otherwise, if you decide to keep the gem, you'll have to kill the ghost.

15 - Door and Lever

You can use the lever (#15a) to open the door.

16 - Door and Lever

You can use the lever (#16a) to open the door.

17 - Locked Doors

You'll find four locked doors here. To pass them, pull the levers at #9.


A. Stairs down to Academy Level 1.
B. Stairs down to Academy Level 1.
C. Stairs down to Academy Level 1.
D. Stairs down to the Lower Tunnels.
E. Rope up to Academy Level 2. This exit will only become available after you've been to Academy Level 2 and lowered the rope.
F. Stairs down to the Lower Tunnels. You won't get access to this staircase until you've started working on the second summoning test on Academy Level 2.