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Academy Level 4

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1 - High Elder Anlokar

High Elder Anlokar will give you your roadmap for the level. You'll have to get a wand, get coordinates for the rift you want to create, and then open and close a rift. The instructor (#2) will lead you through these tasks.

2 - Instructor

The instructor will tell you that you can find a rift wand in the western room (#3). After you've killed Samuel and returned with the wand (worth 78,144 experience), the instructor will give you a book of coordinates and tell you to create a rift in the next room (#4). To do that, just go into the room and click on your rift wand. The rift will take you to the Rift Tomb. See that section for details.

After you've visited the Rift Tomb and returned to the instructor, the instructor will tell you how to close the rift. So go back to the rift and click on it to close it. That will net you 78,144 experience. Then when you return to the instructor, he'll tell you that High Elder Anlokar (now at #5) wants to speak with you.

3 - Wand Room

In this room you'll meet Samuel again. However, unlike your other meetings with the demon, this time you'll have to fight him. Samuel is level 42, and he can be tough to kill. Plus, he'll even have some shadow creatures to help him out. If you have any useful area spells like the "hammer" spell then lead with that until the shadow creatures die, and then just whack away at Samuel. You'll probably have some trouble hitting him, but as long as you have enough potions, you should be able to wear him down. Samuel should drop a rift wand and a charm when he dies.

4 - Rift Room

5 - Anlokar's Room

This room starts out locked. It will open after you've completed the instructor's tasks (#2).

Inside you'll find the dying High Elder Anlokar. If you click on him, he'll live just long enough to give you the coordinates to Rivellon.

6 - Anlokam's Room

Inside the room, behind a Raanaar stone, you can find a teleporter. If you move the stone, then you can use the teleporter to take you to the storage room (#7).

7 - Storage Room

The only way into this room is through the teleporter in Anlokam's room (#6).

This room is sort of an Easter Egg room. Inside, you can read a note from Larian Studios thanking you for playing the game. You can also find a permanent mana potion and a permanent restoration potion. (The restoration potion appears to be misnamed and is just a regular restoration potion.)

Finally, you can find a wooden key and a locked golden chest in the room. Opening the golden chest is sort of an involved process, and it isn't exactly worthwhile, given the reward. The wooden key unlocks the wooden chest in the nursery in Academy Level 3. In that chest you'll find a stone key, which unlocks the stone chest in the Lower Tunnels. In that chest you'll find a silver key, which unlocks the silver chest in the Sleeping Quarters in Academy Level 2. In that chest you'll find the golden key, which unlocks the golden chest. For all that work, the golden chest will contain a (level 5) battlefield magical key, which is probably a bug since you can get such a key elsewhere, and since there isn't a level 6 key in the game.

8 - Final Rift

When you go through the rift here, you'll start the final battle in the game. Your opponent in that battle will be the deathknight, who is really Damian. That means:

a) You shouldn't have anything on the deathknight (like potions) that you'll want to use in the battle.
b) You might want to unlearn any utility skills you have (like identify) and put all of your skill points in combat skills and spells.
c) You might want to visit the battlefield and buy a lot of potions.

You can't hamstring Damian in the final battle. Even if you unequip the deathknight and have him unlearn all of his skills, a new version of the deathknight will appear for the battle.

Finally, Damian will usually summon help in the battle. If you have an area spell like the "hammer" spell, then use that on all of Damian's minions until he stops summoning them, and then focus on Damian. If you don't have an area spell, then just kill the minions first to get them out of the way.

Damian will be roughly level 42 when you fight him, and he'll be tough to kill. Mostly what you'll need to do is just hang in there. Damage Damian and his minions, drink a potion or two, and then repeat until everything is dead. As long as you have enough potions, this strategy will work (although it might be a little boring). Remember that you can save during the battle, so the progress you make isn't lost.

Once Damian is damaged enough, he'll teleport you away and the game will end. For a true reckoning with Damian you'll have to wait for Divine Divinity 2.