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Rift Race

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll start in the race. Talk to the ghost to have it open up the door to the south. Also note that although the ghost will tell you that you're racing against Samuel, you're not. Samuel will progress at the exact same rate as you, and so you can take your time.

2 - Light Beam Room

When you enter the room you'll discover several large red statues inside. If you pull the lever in the northeastern corner of the room, you'll see that a light beam emits from each statue. If you step into a light beam, then you'll be sent back to the entrance of the room. So your goal in the room is simply to find a way to get to the western exit. It's best to move your characters separately when you try this.

Here's a path you can follow:

a) From the doorway, move slightly west so you're between two statues.
b) Move south to a dirty vase.
c) Move west along the southern edge of the room until you've passed a light beam.
d) Move north to a pair of barrels.
e) Move west to the western edge of the room.
f) Move south to the exit door.

When you move through the exit door you'll get an update on Samuel's progress.

3 - Locked Cells

You'll find two locked cells here, each with a chest inside. To open the cells, pull on the nearby levers.

4 - Locked Door

As of version 1.45, there isn't any way to open the door.

5 - Levers

You'll find five levers here, each one behind a closed door. A clue to these levers can be found in the store in Academy Level 3. A book there contains a note with the solution 3-1-5-2-4. If you pull the levers in that order (numbering them from southern to northern) then the wall to the east will open up, giving you access to the teleporter there (#6).

6 - Teleporter

The teleporters connect to each other, but they're both behind walls. To remove the walls, pull the levers at #5 in the right order.

Note: Be careful with the teleporters. It's possible to get close enough to use them before removing the walls, and that will leave you stuck with no way to escape.

7 - Room

If you don't use the teleporters (#6) to bypass the room, you'll find a sapphire key inside. The key unlocks the door on the northern side of the room, allowing you to continue on in the race.

8 - Maze

This is a small maze with five locked doors and five levers. You'll need to pull the five levers to open the doors so you can escape. The enlarged view of the maze shows the route. Just follow the letters a-j to visit all the levers and doors.

9 - Wine Chest

As of version 1.45, there isn't any way to open this chest.

10 - Escape Rift

All you'll have to do here is enter the rift (worth 78,144 + 25,344 experience). If you take the time to attack Samuel, he'll just disappear before you can kill him.