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Temple of Raan

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Area Note

Along the northern wall of the temple you should be able to find a couple large crystals and a charm.

1 - Billboard

The billboard lists several quests you can go on to increase your rank in the temple (see #2). The quests are listed below:

Find the missing expedition: You'll find the expedition in a dungeon in the Crystal Forest.
Find the missing relic: You'll receive this quest by talking to Brother Raze (#16).
Help the warlock: The warlock is named Serrick. You'll find his tower in the Teleporter Forest.
Help the temple guard general: You can find General Bram in the army camp in the Crystal Forest.

Next to the billboard, a commoner will mark several locations of the temple on your map.

2 - Administration Building

Inside you'll find the Keeper of Ranks, who will tell you about a contest going on. Whoever scores the most points by completing quests and defeating opponents will get to meet the bishop (#17). You'll start out with 0 points (unless you've solved some quests already), and you'll need to earn 10,500 points. That won't win you the contest, but it will put you high enough for the leader Kiya to challenge you to a duel.

Here are some of the ways you can earn points in the act:

Barnabus' quest to find his book (in the Temple of Raan): 2500
Brother Raze's quest to find a holy relic (in the Temple of Raan): 2500
Cursed Man's quest to cure him (in the Temple of Raan): 1500
Cytha's quest to fetch a book (in the Temple of Raan): 2500
Fred's quest to retrieve his ball (in the Temple of Raan): 500
Quest to find the missing expedition (in the Crystal Forest): 2500
Raven's quest to find three plants (in the Crystal Forest): 1500
Serrick's quest to fix the teleporter (in the Teleporter Forest): 5000
Sigurd's quest to kill Groblar (in the Temple of Raan): 1500
Talking Tibar's quest to cure his curse (in the Temple Surroundings): 2500
Traveling merchant's quest to retrieve his goods (in the Temple Surroundings): 1500

Also in the administration building, you'll meet a commoner who will offer to sell you a house for 5000 gold. The house is located at #10.

3 - Crazy Barnabus

Barnabus starts out next to the statue, but he wanders so you might find him elsewhere. He'll tell you that he lost a book that "contains the wisdom of the Lord of Chaos," and he'll ask you to find it for him. You'll find the book north of the temple. When you give it to Barnabus, you'll receive 25,296 experience, 2500 contest points, and a pair of holy sandals of the damned.

4 - Temple Prison

You won't be able to enter the prison until you're sent there by the bishop. Inside you'll meet a Raanaar prisoner who will tell you a way to break the seal in the church.

5 - Sigurd's House

Sigurd will ask you to kill an assassin named Groblar. Even though Sigurd will claim that Groblar "lives next to me," really he lives on the other side of the temple at #12. See #12 for more information.

6 - House

As of version 1.45 there isn't any way to enter the house. Supposedly there isn't much in it anyway.

7 - Cassandra's House

Cassandra is the witch the talking tibar south of the temple might have asked you to curse. For the curse to work, you'll need to find bat guano (conveniently located on the floor in the house) and old cheese (in the warehouse at #14). Then to perform the curse, just talk to Cassandra. The curse will be completed through dialogue.

8 - Cursed Man

The cursed man will tell you that he's turning into a crystal, and he'll ask for you to help. If you agree, he'll tell you to seek out a black imp and ask him to remove the curse. You'll find the black imp in a cave in the Crystal Forest. However, the imp will claim that crystals have cursed the man. When you relay this information to the cursed man, he'll remember that he went to the Crystal Forest but be a little fuzzy about what he was doing there, and he'll ask you to go there to find a clue. He'll then mark the location of a crystal on your map.

When you go to the crystal in the Crystal Forest, you'll meet a witch named Raven who will suggest that a crystal sliver must have entered the cursed man, and that it's the sliver that is causing the problem. Once you've completed her quest to make a crystal curse poultice and returned to the cursed man, the man will give you a marksman's cloak, and you'll receive 47,616 experience and 1500 contest points.

9 - Tavern

If you talk to the barkeeper, he'll share some rumors with you. He'll also claim that you can get some thieving jobs from somebody in the bar, but that person doesn't seem to exist.

10 - Hero House

This is the house you can buy from the commoner in the Administration Building (#2).

11 - Cytha's House

Cytha will ask you to track down The Book of Twilight, and she'll tell you that it's supposed to be in an underground library somewhere. You'll find the library in the Raanaar Ruins area. Once you've picked up the book and given it to Cytha, she'll reward you with the unique belt marksman's rope, and you'll also receive 40,176 experience and 2500 contest points.

12 - Groblar's House

If you haven't spoken to Sigurd (#5) yet, then the three guards in the house will ignore you. However, after you've spoken to Sigurd, the guards will attack, and one will drop the key to the locked hatch in the house.

Down below you'll meet Groblar. He'll refute Sigurd's story, claiming that Sigurd is a fellow assassin who is just using you to remove the competition. If you side with Groblar and kill Sigurd instead, then Groblar will attack you when you return, and you won't receive any contest points or bonus experience. If you keep to your agreement with Sigurd, then you'll receive 25,296 experience right away and 40,176 experience plus 2400 gold when you return to Sigurd after completing the deed. You'll also receive 1500 contest points. Regardless of your choice, Groblar will drop the unique long bow eradicator when he dies.

13 - Garden

On the ground in the garden you'll find a silver key (press the alt key to see it). The key unlocks the warehouse to the south (#14).

14 - Warehouse

The door to the warehouse starts out locked (press the alt key to see it). You can unlock it using the key in the garden to the north (#13).

As you might expect, the warehouse contains many useful things:

Old cheese: This is the smelly cheese required for the talking tibar's quest (see Temple Surroundings, #7).

Raanaar urn: The urn is required for a quest from the Raanaar rebels (see Rebel Forest, #6).

Marksman's Rapid Shot: In the room with the urn, on a nearby table, if you move the boxes out of the way you'll reveal a chest. The unique bow is inside.

Raanaar statue: If you gave up the statue when you looted it at the hole south of the temple, then you'll be able to find it here.

15 - Eastern Temple Store

You can find two shopkeepers here: the temple merchant on the southern side and the temple smith on the northern side. The temple merchant will ask you to find an amulet located in the crypt under the temple (Exit B), and he'll tell you that the story revolving around the amulet can be found in one of the books nearby. As far as we can tell, the book doesn't actually exist, so just notice that the merchant mentions that a "loving daughter" is involved in the story. After you've fetched the amulet and returned to the merchant, if you tell the merchant about the curse on the amulet then he'll offer you "special wares" (which seem just like his regular wares). If you let the merchant die from the curse, then he'll drop all of his merchandise and you'll be able to loot it. Either way you'll earn 47,616 experience.

Also, in a weapon closet along the northern edge of the building, you can find the bastard sword queen of fire.

16 - Brother Raze

Brother Raze will ask you to retrieve for him a holy relic from the "haunted place" in the Raanaar Ruins area. He'll even mark the ruins on your map. Once you've picked up the relic and returned it to Raze, he'll give you a pag-umn charm, and you'll receive 40,176 experience and 2500 contest points.

17 - Church

You won't be able to enter the church until you've proven yourself in the temple contest (see #2). Once you do get inside, you'll find the place overrun by ghosts. Once you've killed the ghosts, then the locked doors will open, allowing you access to the temple merchant (to the west) and the bishop (to the north). If the doors don't unlock, then you might need to check outside the church to see if any of the ghosts managed to slip through the walls.

The bishop will ask for your help in entering the temple catacombs. The catacombs are blocked by a seal, which the bishop can't break, but the bishop will suggest you talk to the Raanaar in the temple prison (#4) and see what he knows. The prisoner will tell you about the Staff of Power, which can be used to break the seal. You can find that staff in the cave north of the temple.

Once you've retrieved the Staff of Power, simply click on the stairs (seal) to unlock them, and then click on them again to go down. The Temple Catacombs are handled in their own sections.

18 - Western Temple Store

In the back of the store, in a bookcase, you can find the gloves prince of fire.

19 - Grave

Inside the grave you'll find a mirror. The mirror can be used in one of the Raanaar rebel quests (see the Rebel Forest section).

20 - Stone Well

Somewhere near the well you should find a boy named Fred. He'll tell you that his ball fell down into the well, and he'll ask you to get it for him. Inside the well you'll find a floogefrog. If you decide to kill the frog, you'll find Fred's ball and also the unique amulet the healer. Then when you give the ball to Fred you'll earn 17,856 experience and 500 contest pints, and Fred will inadvertently let you know a way to "haggle" with the house renter (at #2) to get a better deal on a house. If you decide not to kill the frog then Fred won't be very understanding, and he'll run off.

21 - Grave

Inside the grave you'll find a (level 1) battlefield magical key.


A. Gate leading to the Temple Surroundings.
B. Stairs to Kiya's Crypt. These stairs will become unlocked after Kiya challenges you to a duel (see #2).
C. Stairs to Kiya's Crypt. These stairs will become unlocked after you've visited the crypt and defeated Kiya.