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Necromancer's Second Task

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Area Note

When you enter the inn, the innkeeper (#1) will mistake you for Sir Patrick, and he'll ask you if you've "brought along another fine selection of stones." In fact, everybody in this odd location will think you're Sir Patrick, and some will want to rob you of your stones.

To complete the task:

a) Talk to Mr. Pickle (#1) and get the key to your room.
b) Go to your room upstairs (#4).
c) Return downstairs and approach the three tavern guests (#3). You'll overhear them deciding to rob you.
d) Defeat the bandits.
e) Talk to Mr. Pickle again. He wanders around, so you might have to hunt for him outside. He won't know where your gems are.
f) Talk to Lady Moreena again. She'll give you the key to her room (#5).
g) Go upstairs, defeat the three ghosts who attack you, and enter Lady Moreena's room.
h) Loot the chest in the room. This will trigger Sir Patrick's ghost to appear and demand his gems. If you refuse, you'll have to fight him, but you'll get to keep his gems. If you give up the gems, you'll receive 29,696 experience.
i) Take the crystal fragment from the chest.
j) Return to the staircase. Before you arrive there you should be summoned back to the necromancer.

1 - Mr. Pickle

2 - Lady Moreena

Lady Moreena will appear to like you -- a lot. "Don't worry; my servant sleeps elsewhere."

3 - Three Guests

4 - Your Room

5 - Lady Moreena's Room


A. Stairs between the main and upstairs levels.