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Mushroom Forest

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1 - Chest

If you get close enough to the chest, you'll fall into a pit, and an imp will try to charge you 500 gold to let you out. Even if you pay the imp, he won't help you, so go ahead and refuse his offer. Once the imp leaves, an imp historian will appear and give you a teleporter pyramid. If you've played Divine Divinity, then the pyramid should be familiar. You can use one pyramid to teleport to its partner pyramid, and together the pyramids can save you a lot of walking time. The second pyramid is located at #1a. When you appear there you'll have to fight a level 22 mutant, and possibly other mutants depending on how much you explored before entering the pit.

If you return back to the chest, you'll find the imp standing there. You can either kill him or let him go. If you kill him he'll drop a medium earth crystal.

2 - Cave

You'll find a couple dead floogefrogs out front, and the deathknight will comment about the cave's smell. Inside, you'll find more dead floogefrogs, several baby spiders and a "flooge killer" spider. The latter spider is the creature Xantsirax (from the Imp Village) might have asked you to kill.

3 - Mushroom Robbery

Here a "talking mushroom" will attempt to rob you of all of your money. When you refuse, you'll discover it was an imp hiding behind the mushroom, and you'll earn 15,776 experience. If you don't refuse then you'll lose all of your gold.

4 - Rare Mushroom

This is the mushroom the mushroom farmer from the Imp Village might have asked you to find. However, guarding it you'll find a crazy imp who thinks he's an elf. You can make the imp disappear in two different ways. You can kill him, which will net you about 1800 experience, or you can tell him dwarves are chopping down mushrooms nearby, which will also allow you to use him as a trainer for ranged skills.

5 - Winkorr

Winkorr is a level 15 demon. When you kill it, you'll be able to enter the alcove it was guarding and find the (level 3) battlefield magical key.


A. Trail back to the Imp Village.