Overview: Vigil's Keep (After Battle)

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Once you've eliminated the darkspawn, you'll take control of Vigil's Keep, and the throne room will begin functioning as your base of operations: that's where your companions will wait for you, that's where you'll find an enchanter (#6), and, when you leave (via Exit A), that's when you'll choose which companions will accompany you. Gaining control of Vigil's Keep will also give you the main quest for the expansion pack -- Awakening -- which will guide you through the campaign.

1 - Mistress Woolsey

Mistress Woolsey is the treasurer for the keep. The first time you talk to her, she'll give you the quest The Righteous Path. Later, she'll give you the quest Trade Must Flow.

2 - Seneschal Varel

Varel is the seneschal of the keep. The first time you talk to him, he'll give you the quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh. Later, he'll be involved in the quests Oaths of Fealty, A Brewing Conspiracy, and A Day in Court.

3 - Captain Garevel

Garevel is the captain of the guard. He'll give you the quest Last of the Legion.

4 - Books

In this pile of books, you'll find a Grandmaster Frost Rune Tracing, The Warrior's Heart, and more.

5 - Books

In this pile of books, you'll find a Grandmaster Hale Rune Tracing, Verses of Dreams, and more.

6 - Ambassador Cera

Cera will sell you a variety of runes and rune tracings. She'll also enchant items for you.

7 - Armor Stand

In the armor stand, you'll find a Trickster's Tunic and more.

8 - Book

When you examine this book, you'll receive the Culture and History codex entry for Vassals and Their Liege.

9 - Weapon Stand

In the weapon stand, you'll find Dumat's Spine, Chevalier's Mace, and more.

10 - Book

When you examine this book, you'll receive the Culture and History codex entry for The First Warden.

11 - Yuriah

Yuriah will sell you a little bit of everything, including a Golden Cog and a Scout's Medal. He'll improve his stock as you progress through the campaign, so be sure to check back with him every so often.

12 - Personal Storage Chest

This is where you can store things that you don't currently need. The chest will start out with a Silver Cog inside of it.

13 - Private

The private standing here will let you know when you're needed in the throne room. The first two times you talk to her, she'll give you the quests The Prisoner and Oaths of Fealty. Later she'll give you the quest A Day in Court. The private will also deliver letters to you, which will trigger the Letters to the Commander quests.

14 - Dworkin Glavonak

Dworkin is a master of explosives. Once you've completed one main section of the campaign, he'll give you the quest Bombs Away!

15 - Herren and Master Wade

Just like in the main campaign, you'll be able to use Herren and Master Wade to purchase and construct weapons and armor. Herren will also sell you Manuals of Focus, which you should purchase for your companions if not for yourself (unless you happen to like their default build). If you ask Herren about equipping your soldiers, then he'll trigger the quest Elemental Requirements. If you show a "fantastical material" to Master Wade, then he'll give you the quest A Master's Work.

16 - Dungeon

You'll meet Nathaniel Howe in a cell in the dungeon (this is covered in the quest entry for The Prisoner). You'll also find Nathaniel's gear, including The Bear's Embrace, in a chest labeled "prisoner's effects." Finally, you'll find Soap on a Rope in a supply crate by the door.

17 - Voldrik Glavonak

Voldrik is a mason. He'll give you the quests Cost of Doing Business (right away) and What Is Built Endures (after you've completed one main section of the campaign).

18 - Groundskeeper Samuel

If you have Nathaniel in your party, then when you approach Samuel, he'll trigger the quest The Howe Family.

19 - Kitten

You'll find a kitten licking itself here. If you pick it up, then you'll gain a Kitten. If you give the Kitten to Anders, then he'll name it Ser Pounce-a-lot, and it will generate a few conversations between your companions.

20 - Hall of Warriors

In the hall you'll encounter a dying mabari war hound. When you interact with it, you'll find a scroll that will trigger the quest "Adria's Plight" (see #25). Also in the hall you'll find a warrior statue. Examining it will give you or update the Culture and History codex entry for The Great Strife.

21 - Wine Cellar

In one of the crates in the wine cellar you'll discover a bottle of West Hill Brandy. If you read the letter next to the crate, then you'll pick up the Notes codex entry for Response from Rendon Howe.

22 - Prisoner Records

When you enter this chamber, you'll get ambushed by a trio of shrieks, including a "yellow" shriek alpha. After the battle, if you examine the books in the room, then you'll receive or update the Culture and History codex entries for The Howes of Amaranthine and The Great Strife.

You'll also find a shrine to Andraste in the chamber. If you click on it and then click on the torch next to it, a secret door will open, revealing a chest containing a variety of objects, including the ring Tingler.

23 - Dungeon

When you enter the dungeon, you'll get attacked by a bunch of (wimpy) prisoner ghouls. After the battle, you'll find some surviving prisoners locked in one of the cells. If you allow them to escape, then Anders and Nathaniel will approve. If you force them to give up their clothing first, then Oghren will approve.

Also in the dungeon you'll find a pile of Howe correspondence containing Delilah Howe's Letters. This is a good gift for Nathaniel.

24 - Avvar Crypt

The crypt will start out locked. It's possible to pick the lock, but failing that you'll eventually find the key to the crypt in the Deep Roads (#36), which you'll be able to visit after you've completed a main section of the campaign.

Inside the crypt you'll find a dozen Avvar sarcophagi. If you loot them, then you'll pick up several potions, plus a Trickster's Cap, a Key of Kiveal, and more. You'll also find a sack containing a Howe Bow. If you give this gift bow to Nathaniel, then he'll turn it into the real Howe Bow (and equip it), and you'll gain a nice chuck of approval from him. Just be careful -- when you descend into the lower part of the crypt, skeletons will rise up out of the sarcophagi and attack you.

On the western side of the crypt, you'll find a door with four special keyholes next to it -- one each for Haakon, Kiveal, Korth, and the Lady. To open the door, you'll need to find the keys that go to the keyholes. You'll find the Key to Kiveal in one of the sarcophagi in the crypt; the other three you'll find in the Deep Roads (#26, #28, #35).

Past the door you'll discover the Avvar Deep Crypt (not shown on the map), but when you go inside, the wraith (from #34) will possess the three avvar lords buried there, and they'll attack you. After the battle, when you loot the bodies and the sarcophagi, you'll find Daisycutter, Venture, Wolf Treads, a Master Lyrium Potion Recipe, a Superb Stamina Draught Recipe, and more.

Note: You'll also find some crypt statues in the regular and deep crypt. These statues will give you or update the Culture and History codex entry for The Great Strife.

25 - Antechamber

This is where you'll encounter Adria the Ghoul, plus four ravenous ghouls. Killing these ghouls will complete the quest "Adria's Plight" (triggered at #20), which will net you 500 xp. You'll find a Ring of Mastery on Adria's corpse.

Also in the room, you'll find three things of interest: a letter (which will give you the Notes codex entry for Letter to Rendon Howe), a veridium deposit (inside of which you'll discover Veridium Ore, which you'll need for the quest Elemental Requirements), and a knight's corpse (where you'll find a Gold Earring, a good gift for Anders).

26 - Shrine to Korth

Near the shrine you'll find three things of interest: a darkspawn corpse containing the Golden Idol of Korth, an old book that will give you or update the Culture and History codex entry for The Great Strife, and an urn containing the Key of Korth (which you'll need at #24).

At the shrine itself you'll find an offering. There are three things that you can do with the offering:
  • Take it. You'll gain 15 sovereigns, but the two nearby "yellow" steel golems will attack you. You'll gain bout 350 xp from the golems.

  • Add a Diamond or the Golden Idol of Korth to it. Either way, the idol will disappear from your inventory, but you'll gain the battleaxe Frenzy, and you'll earn 500 xp.

  • Add the Corrupted Icon (from #34) to it. This will desecrate the shrine and cause the nearby steel golems to expire. You won't receive a reward.
Regardless of what you choose, your action will trigger and complete the quest "The Shrine of Korth."

27 - Lyrium Deposit

You'll find Lyrium Sand in the deposit, which you'll need for the quest Bombs Away!

28 - Trapdoor

Inside the trapdoor you'll find the Key of Haakon (which you'll need at #24).

29 - Gem Mine

Inside the gem mine you'll find some Quartz, plus a Diamond and a Flawless Diamond. You'll also find some rocks containing an Elven Runestone.

30 - Piles of Rubble

Piles of rubble will block your progress at these spots.

31 - Plaque

Reading the plaque will give you the Books and Songs codex entry for Ancient Vows.

32 - Circle of the Forsaken

When you enter this chamber, you'll be attacked by half a dozen skeletons. One of the skeletons will drop Trickster's Boots when it dies. You'll won't be able to do anything with the warrior statue in the circle.

33 - Walk of Bone

Despite being labeled on the map and looking a little ominous, nothing will happen here.

34 - Forbidden Chamber

When you enter this chamber, you'll be attacked by a wraith called the Dark Theurge. The wraith will cast spells and summon skeletons, but otherwise it shouldn't present too much of a problem. Once you've done enough damage to the wraith, it will retreat into one of the chamber's alcoves, and the strange apparatus in the center of the chamber will become interactive. When you then click on the apparatus, the wraith will escape from the chamber, and you'll receive the quest "The Wraith's Vengeance," which will involve you battling the wraith in the Deep Roads (#36) and then defeating it for good in the Avvar Crypt (#24). You won't receive a reward for defeating the wraith, other than being able to loot the crypt.

You'll also find four urns in the chamber. If you loot these urns, then you'll pick up a Talisman of Restoration, the staff Call of the Inferno, a Corrupted Icon, a bunch of gems, and more.

35 - Dwarven Outpost

You'll find two things of interest in the outpost: a pile of scrolls containing a Masterpiece Tempest Rune Tracing and a Paragon Tempest Rune Tracing, and a locked chest containing the Key of the Lady (which you'll need at #24).

36 - Darkspawn Battle

In this spot you'll fight a large group of darkspawn, including a "yellow" hurlock emissary and a "red" ogre commander. However, soon after defeating the ogre, the wraith (from #34) will possess it, and you'll have to defeat it again. Once you're able to loot the bodies, you'll find a Wasp's Sting on the corpse of the ogre, and a Key to the Crypt (which you might need at #24) on a darkspawn corpse.

37 - Dwarven Barrier Door

After defeating the darkspawn in the Deep Roads, Voldrik Glavonak and Sergeant Maverlies will show up here, and Voldrik will fix the doorway (#37), which will protect Vigil's Keep from the darkspawn -- at least for a while.

  1. Doorway between the throne room the the keep exterior.
  2. Doorway between the basement and the keep exterior. When you first take control of the keep, you'll have to talk to Sergeant Maverlies (standing next to the door) to enter the basement. Your conversation with Maverlies will trigger the quest It Comes from Beneath.
  3. Passage between the basement and the Deep Roads. This passage will remain blocked by rubble until you complete one of the main sections of the campaign.
  4. World exit.




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