Quest: The Long-Buried Past

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You'll receive this quest when you loot a Discarded Letter from a chest in Knotwood Hills.


From the letter, you'll learn that many years ago a treasure-hunter named Darran Lyle discovered something in Knotwood Hills, and then took it to Amaranthine to sell it. To learn more about Lyle, you'll need to head to the chantry in Amaranthine (#1) and check out their records (located in a shelf in the back). The records will indicate that Lyle moved into a small house outside of town (#2), and lived there for several years before dying.

When you investigate the house, you'll discover some packed earth next to it. Inside the dirt you'll find a Ring of Subtlety, and picking it up will complete the quest and earn you 750 xp.

1 - Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer

2 - Lyle's House




Vigil's Keep




Knotwood Hills


The Blackmarsh


Wending Wood




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