Quest: The Assault on Amaranthine

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You'll receive this quest if you decide to defend Amaranthine rather than Vigil's Keep in the final chapter of the campaign.


The first thing you'll need to do in the quest is rescue six groups of city guards. You'll find them scattered throughout the city (#1), and you'll have to protect them from hurlocks, genlocks, shrieks, adult childers, and even a "yellow" ogre. Since the city guards (and perhaps a disciple messenger) will help you in these battles, you should be able to cruise through them pretty easily.

After the battles, when you head towards the chantry (#2), you'll run into the city guard commander, who will inform you that another wave of darkspawn is approaching the city. Inside the chantry, you'll be able to rest and recuperate, and you'll also find Glassric the Weaponsmith, which will allow you to do some shopping as well.

As you make your way through the chantry, you'll learn that the darkspawn are entering the city via the Crown and Lion inn (#3). On your way to the inn, you'll have to defeat two groups of darkspawn, including two "yellow" hurlock snipers, a "yellow" hurlock guardian, and several "yellow" adult chidlers.

When you finally get into the inn, you'll be attacked by a "red" disciple general and assorted other darkspawn. You'll find a second "red" disciple general in the Smuggler's Cove beneath the inn, and you'll find the third "red" disciple general, along with a "red" armored ogre alpha, just outside the exit from the cove (#4). The generals will drop some nice gear, including Enduring Faith, Flemeth's Broomstick, Elementalist's Grasp, and a Lamppost in Winter.

Defeating the three generals will complete the quest and earn you 3500 xp. You'll then learn the location of the Mother, which will trigger the quest Depths of Depravity, but before heading off, you might want to do some shopping or enchanting (#5). It'll be your last chance before the end of the campaign.

1 - City Guards

2 - Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer

3 - The Crown and Lion

4 - Third General

5 - Glassric and Enchanter

  1. World exit.




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