Companion Quest: Oghren the Family Man
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Once you've increased your approval with Oghren to 30 or higher, the next time you enter the throne room at Vigil's Keep, Felsi (the mother of Oghren's child) will show up, and her conversation with Oghren will trigger the quest.


Felsi will berate Oghren for joining the Grey Wardens and ignoring his familial responsibilities, and then she'll storm out. Afterwards, if you quiz Oghren about what just happened, he won't want to talk about it. To change his mind, you'll need to build up his approval to at least 76, so he'll trust you enough to confide in you.

The easiest way to increase Oghren's approval is through gifts. Anything alcoholic is good for him. Also, if Oghren mentions to you that he'd like a pony (which can happen when you talk to him after Felsi leaves), then giving him a Toy Horse will increase his approval by up to +17. Otherwise, you'll just have to be careful when you talk to him, and pick up approval here and there throughout the campaign.

Once you've gained enough approval with Oghren, the next time you enter the throne room at Vigil's Keep, he'll start up a conversation with you, and he'll finally talk about Felsi and the "nugget." This conversation will complete the quest and earn you 250 xp. You can also earn up to +13 approval with Oghren by making the right dialogue choices during the conversation (such as volunteering to vouch for him to his child).




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