Companion Quest: The Howe Family

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You'll receive this quest if you visit Groundskeeper Samuel (in the exterior of Vigil's Keep) with Nathaniel in your party.


Samuel will inform Nathaniel -- much to his surprise -- that his sister Delilah is still alive, and that she married a shopkeeper in Amaranthine. Then the next time you visit Amaranthine, you'll find Delilah in the market district (#1). When you approach her there, if you have Nathaniel in your party, then Nathaniel and Delilah will talk for a bit, and Nathaniel will learn that Delilah is happy with her marriage, and that she considers their father to be evil. Witnessing this conversation and then talking to Nathaniel about it afterwards will net you 250 xp.

Note: To get Delilah to appear, you might need to complete a quest in the area (such as Freedom for Anders).

1 - Delilah




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