Quest: Trade Must Flow
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The easiest way to trigger this quest is to talk to Mistress Woolsey in the Vigil's Keep throne room. The dialogue for the quest will appear the second time you visit the throne room. You can also trigger the quest by talking to either of the merchants involved in the quest.


Mistress Woolsey will encourage you to "keep alert for trading possibilities" for Vigil's Keep. To complete the quest, you'll need to convince two merchants to come to the keep:
  • Lillith. You'll meet her during a random encounter on the world map. She'll be surrounded by bandits, but when you show up, the bandits will ignore her and attack you. After the battle, Lillith will give you 15 sovereigns, and then she'll head over to Vigil's Keep, where you'll find her standing next to Herren and Master Wade.

  • Armaas. You'll meet him near the exit of the Silverite Mine. If you invite him to trade at Vigil's Keep, then the next time you arrive there, you'll find him in the courtyard standing between Herren and Dworkin.
Neither merchant will actually sell anything at Vigil's Keep, although possibly their arrival will add wares to the other merchants (Lillith will in fact claim this, but we didn't notice a difference).

After recruiting the two merchants, when you return to Mistress Woolsey in the throne room, she'll reward you with 60 sovereigns and 500 xp.




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