Companion Quest: Freedom for Anders

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You'll receive this quest from Namaya in Amaranthine (#1), provided that you have Anders in your party when you talk to her.


From Namaya and Anders, you'll learn that the templars have a cache of phylacteries -- including Anders' -- in a warehouse in the city (#2). However, when you go there to destroy it, you'll be confronted by Rylock and a pair of templars. Rylock will demand that you give up Anders, and, if you don't comply, then she and her cohorts will attack. You won't get much of a reward if you hand over Anders (and your companions probably won't approve, either), so it's better to fight her.

Regardless of what you say to Rylock, you'll earn 250 xp. But if you fight Rylock, then you'll gain access to the back room of the warehouse, where you'll find Lyrium: The Voice of the Maker, plus some random loot. In the main room of the warehouse, you'll also find Aqua Magus, Blood Promise, a Lightning Rod, Lorekeeper's Boots, Lorekeeper's Cowl, Lorekeeper's Mittens, and more.

1 - Namaya

2 - Warehouse




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