Overview: Knotwood Hills

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1 - Hanging

When you approach this spot, you'll encounter two hangmen, and they won't appreciate your witnessing their murder. After the battle, you'll find a note on the hanged man -- "This is what happens to filthy adulterers!" -- but reading it won't lead to a codex entry.

2 - Chest

Inside the chest here, you'll find Hirol's Lava Burst and a Discarded Letter. Picking up the letter will give you the Quest-Related codex entry for Darran Lyle's Missive, plus trigger the quest The Long-Buried Past.

3 - Bag

Inside the bag you'll find Micah's Lucky Deer Foot, which will trigger the quest "Lucky Charms." When you deliver the trinket to Colbert (standing next to Micah) in Amaranthine, he'll reward you with 250 xp.

"Thank the Maker. Micah's been afraid to move from this spot since he lost the stupid thing."

4 - Sigrun

When you reach this spot, you'll witness Sigrun being dragged away by a pack of darkspawn, including a "yellow" hurlock alpha. After rescuing her, Sigrun will reveal that the darkspawn are breeding an army in Kal'Hirol, and she'll show you the way inside (Exit A). Sigrun will then offer to join your party. If you refuse the offer, then Sigrun will enter Kal'Hirol on her own, and you'll never see her again.

Note: During your conversation with Sigrun, she'll mention that she might have a broken rib. If you add her to your party, then you'll discover that she has a "broken bone" injury, which you'll need to fix with an Injury Kit or a Cleansing Aura.

  1. Entrance to Kal'Hirol.
  2. Exit from Kal'Hirol (Trade Quarter).
  3. World exit.




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