Quest: The Peasant Revolution
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You'll trigger this quest when you return to Vigil's Keep after completing the second main section of the campaign.


When you arrive at the keep, you'll find an angry mob of peasants in the courtyard demanding food or protection. Depending on what you did earlier in the campaign (primarily during the quests Defending the Land and A Day in Court), the peasants will be easier or more difficult to reason with.

If you sent your soldiers to guard the farms, then selecting the two "persuade" options will convince the rioters to go home. Otherwise, selecting the "intimidate" option and then telling them "you will all die" will diffuse the situation. You can also just open the granaries to the rioters, or attack them. This quest won't have any bearing on the rest of the campaign (except, perhaps, the epilogue), and you'll receive 1000 xp at the end of it no matter what.




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