Quest: Till Death Do Us Part

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You'll receive this quest from Alma inside the chantry in Amaranthine (#1).


When you talk to Alma, she won't acknowledge your presence, but she'll sob about her husband Karrem, who is apparently missing. "Oh, where has my Karrem gone?" To track down Karrem, you'll need to search Amaranthine for some note fragments. You'll find these note fragments in three places:
  • The Crown and Lion (#2). You'll find the first note fragment in the main room, at the back of the stage. It will mention the ramparts.

  • The southern edge of the ramparts (#3). You'll find the second note fragment lying on the ground. It will mention the abandoned house outside the city.

  • Abandoned house (#4). When you enter the house, you'll discover that Karrem committed suicide by hanging himself from the rafters. You'll find the third note fragment on his body.
When you inform Alma that her husband is dead, she'll do some more sobbing, and you'll receive 500 xp.

1 - Chantry

2 - The Crown and Lion

3 - Ramparts

4 - Abandoned House




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