Quest: It Comes from Beneath
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You'll receive this quest from Sergeant Maverlies the first time you enter the basement of Vigil's Keep.


Maverlies will warn you that there might still be pockets of darkspawn in the basement. When you explore the area, you'll discover that she's right, and you'll have to dispatch a variety of genlocks, hurlocks, ghouls, and shrieks. Eventually, you'll come to a passage blocked by rubble, and your men will begin clearing it. However, they won't be able to finish the job until you've completed one of the main sections of the campaign.

When you're finally able to go through the passage, you'll discover that it leads down into the Deep Roads. During your explorations there, you'll inadvertently free a wraith, and then you'll encounter a large group of darkspawn, including a "red" ogre commander that you'll have to defeat twice (because the wraith will possess it).

Finishing off the darkspawn in the Deep Roads will end the immediate threat to Vigil's Keep, which will allow Voldrik Glavonak and Sergeant Maverlies to descend into the area. Voldrik will then discover a barrier door that was almost completed by the dwarves of Kal'Hirol, and when he puts a few finishing touches on it, he'll announce that the keep should now be safe for "a decade, if we're lucky." Closing the door will complete the quest and earn you 2000 xp.




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