Overview: The Blackmarsh Undying

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1 - Starting Point

2 - Veil Tear Apparatuses

The veil tear apparatuses are involved in the quest "The Tears in the Veil" (covered in the overview page for the Blackmarsh).

3 - Essence of Constitution

4 - Runestone Circle

The runestone circle (#4) is a puzzle. Your goal is to activate the runestones in the correct order. You'll know you've activated a runestone correctly if a stream of fire appears between it and the center of the circle (otherwise, the runestone will burn briefly and then stop, and you'll have to start over). This puzzle is random, but it's not too difficult to work out. There's also a pattern. If you can figure out the first stone, then the rest of the sequence follows from it: the second stone is directly opposite the first, the third stone is the next stone clockwise from the second, the fourth stone is directly opposite the third, the fifth stone is next stone clockwise from the fourth, and the sixth stone is directly opposite the fifth. The map above shows an example sequence (#4a-4f).

When you activate the runestone circle correctly, three lesser rage demons and three "yellow" greater rage demons will attack you. Once you've defeated them, activating the runic pedestal in the center of the circle will earn you 500 xp and also cause a Gladiator's Belt to appear in the summoning circle in the regular Blackmarsh.

5 - Essence of Willpower

6 - Essence of Strength

7 - Essence of Dexterity

8 - Essence of Magic

9 - Essence of Cunning

10 - Lonely Soul

You'll meet a woman (aka a "lonely soul") here. After talking to her for a bit, she'll trigger the quest "A Maiden in Distress" and dash off into the crypt (via Exit A). Inside the crypt, you'll have to battle a variety of skeletons and corpses, but when you catch up to the woman, you'll discover that she's really a "red" hunger demon, and that she just lured you into a trap. If you're intimidating, then you can convince her to leave, which will net you 250 xp; otherwise, you'll have to fight the demon and the corpses she spawns, which will net you about 600 xp.

11 - Book

Examining this book will give you the Culture and History codex entry for The Blackmarsh.

12 - Manor

When you approach the manor, you'll have to pick a side between the Spirit of Justice and the Baroness. This decision is covered in the quest entry for Shadows of the Blackmarsh.

  1. Entrance to the crypt (not shown). Inside the crypt you'll find an essence of cunning and an essence of magic.
  2. Exit from the crypt (not shown).




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