Companion Quest: Sigrun's Roguish Past

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While walking through Amaranthine with Sigrun in your party, you'll bump into a dwarf named Mischa (#1), who will accuse Sigrun of getting her exiled from Orzammar and ruining her life. This conversation will trigger the quest.


Sigrun won't want to talk about the encounter until you've returned to the Vigil's Keep throne room. At that point she'll admit that it was her fault what happened to Mischa, and she'll want to make amends. For that to happen, you'll need to return to Amaranthine, where you'll find Mischa in the Crown and Lion (#2).

This time when you talk to Mischa, Sigrun will give her a valuable ring. If you buy back the ring for Sigrun (the amount you pay doesn't matter), then you'll gain approval with her. But regardless, at the end of the quest you'll earn 250 xp.

1 - Initial Meeting with Mischa

2 - The Crown and Lion




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