Overview: Amaranthine

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1 - Shack

Inside the shack you'll find a crate containing a Discarded Journal.

2 - Homer's Toys

Inside the crate here you'll find a Bell Collar.

3 - Shady Character

When you approach the man standing here, he'll announce that he has a business proposition for you, and then he'll run off to the abandoned house to the west (Exit A). When you talk to him there, he'll let you know that he works for the local smugglers, and he'll offer you a job. You'll then have to choose between working for the smugglers or working for the city guards. If you pursue the shady character's quest Smuggler's Run, then you'll work for the smugglers. If you pursue Constable Aidan's (#5) quest Law and Order, then you'll work for the city guards. You'll only be able to work for one of the two groups.

4 - Colbert and Micah

You'll need to talk to Colbert and Micah (mostly Colbert) for the quest Last of the Legion.

5 - Constable Aidan

When you talk to Constable Aidan, he'll ask you to help out against the smugglers in the city, and he'll give you the quest Law and Order. If you pursue this quest, then you'll begin working for the city guards, and you won't be allowed to work for the smugglers (see #3).

6 - Abandoned Warehouse

This warehouse is involved in the quest Freedom for Anders.

7 - Glassric the Weaponsmith

Glassric will sell you a variety of items, including Frenzy, Yusaris, a Snow Globe, a Seeker's Chain, and more. He'll also sell you Pure Iron, which you'll need for the quest Golem's Might.

8 - Octham the Grocer

Octham will sell you a variety of items, including Spellfury, Oven Mitts, Winter Boots, a Golden Vase, and more.

9 - Master Henley

Master Henley will sell you recipes and ingredients, including a Flawless Ruby, which you might need for the quest Heart of the Forest.

10 - Mervis and Kendrick

Mervis and Kendrick both work for the Merchants' Guild. Mervis will update the quest The Righteous Path. Kendrick will introduce you to the Merchants' Guild board (located right next to him), where you'll be able to pick up the Merchants' Guild quests.

11 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find Wool Padding, which you'll need for the quest Golem's Might.

12 - Guardhouse

You won't be able to get into the guardhouse unless you pursue the quest Smuggler's Run for the smugglers (see #3).

13 - Namaya

If you have Anders in your party, then Namaya will give you the quest Freedom for Anders.

14 - Wynne

If Wynne survived the Origins campaign (including if she left your party because of what you did with the Urn of Sacred Ashes), then you'll find her standing here, and she'll give you the quest Ines the Botanist.

15 - Chanter's Board

This is where you'll pick up the Chanter's Board quests. Next to the chanter's board, you'll find a potted plant, which you'll be able to loot for a Potted Plant.

16 - Blight Orphans Notice Board

This is where you'll pick up the Blight Orphans quests.

17 - Kitchen

Inside the kitchen you'll find Mackay's Epic Single Malt (in a crate) and Oil (on the table). You'll need Oil for the quest Heart of the Forest.

18 - Bartender

The bartender will sell you a variety of items, including Voice of Velvet, Misery, Fingers of the Nimble, and Fleet Feet.

19 - Innkeeper

The innkeeper is involved in the quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh.

20 - Sorcha

Sorcha is involved in the quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh.

21 - Book

Examining the book will give you the Culture and History codex entry for The Crown and Lion.

22 - Kristoff's Room

You'll need to enter Kristoff's room and examine the map there for the quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh. Also in the room, you'll find Kristoff's Mementos and a Spirit Cord (both in chests), plus the codex entries for Kristoff's Journal (from the book on the table) and A Letter from Aura (from a letter in one of the chests).

23 - Pile of Books

Inside the pile of books you'll find an Elemental Grenade Recipe and an Elemental Poison Recipe.

24 - Lost and Found Crate

Inside the crate you'll find a Knitted Scarf.

25 - Ser Rylien

Ser Rylien is involved in the quest Out of Control.

26 - Alma

Talking to Alma will trigger the quest Till Death Do Us Part.

27 - Bookshelf

Examining the bookshelf will give you the Magic and Religion codex entry for Pilgrims and Amaranthine.

28 - Books

If you rifle through the books, then you'll find a Blank Journal.

  1. Trap door to the Smugglers' Cove. You'll gain access to the Smuggler's Cove during the quest Law and Order or the quest Smuggler's Run.
  2. Entrance to the Crown and Lion.
  3. Entrance to the Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer.
  4. World exit.




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