Quest: Ines the Botanist

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If Wynne survived the Origins campaign, then she'll give you this quest when you talk to her next to the chantry in Amaranthine.


Wynne will tell you that a colleague of hers named Ines has gone missing in the Wending Wood, and she'll ask you to look for her there and let her know that the Circle of Magi is planning to convene in Cumberland. You'll find Ines on the eastern side of the forest (#1), but when you reach her she won't exactly jump up and start packing for the convention. In fact, she'll refuse to leave until you've found her some Northern Prickleweed Seeds, which she has been searching for without success.

You'll find the seeds in a northern prickleweed plant located next to the Silverite Mine entrance (#2). When you deliver these seeds to Ines, she'll reward you with the recipes for Superb Health Poultices and Superb Lyrium Potions, and you'll also receive 500 xp. Then Ines will head off for Cumberland.

1 - Ines

2 - Northern Prickleweed




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