Quest: Smuggler's Run

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You'll receive this quest from the shady character hanging out in the outskirts of Amaranthine (#1). If you pursue this quest, then you won't be allowed to complete the quest Law and Order for the city guards.


The shady character will introduce himself as a member of the local smuggling ring. He'll tell you that the bartender of the Crown and Lion (#2) is trying to extort money from the smugglers by demanding extra cash for maintaining the back entrance to their hideout. The shady character will then ask you to have a little chat with the bartender, and convince him to keep to the original deal.

When you talk to the bartender, you'll have three ways of convincing him to do what the shady character wants: persuasion, intimidation, or bribery. Each method will get the job done, so obviously you should try a dialogue solution before spending your money. Afterwards, when you return to the shady character, he'll reward you with 10 sovereigns and 500 xp.

Next up, the shady character will tell you that thieves are stealing money from the smugglers, and he'll ask you to deal with them. You'll find the thieves in the Smuggler's Cove, which you can enter via the trapdoor next to the shady character, or via the trapdoor in the Crown and Lion. The shady character will give you a Smugglers' Key so you can get inside.

Inside the Smuggler's Cove, you'll encounter about a dozen thieves, including a "yellow" one. Once you've killed enough of the thieves, they'll run off, and the smugglers will return. When you then talk to the smuggler leader (in the cove), he'll reward you with 15 sovereigns and 500 xp. If you loot all of the containers in the cove, then you'll also find a Toy Chariot, Locksmith's Tools, Dispel Trap Plans, and more.

Finally, the smuggler leader will ask you to deal with the city guard lieutenant who is investigating the smugglers. You'll find the lieutenant in the guardhouse (#4). To get inside, you'll have to head up into the ramparts and kill the three groups of city guards that you'll find there (#3). Each group will include a "yellow" sergeant, and one of the sergeants will drop a Guardhouse Key.

At the top of the guardhouse, you'll be confronted by a "red" lieutenant and five city guards (#5). They should go down pretty easily. Afterwards, when you return to the smuggler leader, he'll reward you with 20 sovereigns, a Landsmeet Shield, and 750 xp.

Note: On the lieutenant's body you'll find a Cell Key. If you use this key to free Jacen from his cage on the southern side of the guardhouse roof (#6), then he'll agree to fight for you at Vigil's Keep.

1 - Shady Character

2 - The Crown and Lion

3 - Sergeants

4 - Guardhouse

5 - Lieutenant

6 - Jacen




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