Quest: Defending the Land
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You'll receive this quest when you speak to Lord Eddelbrek during the quest Oaths of Fealty.


From speaking to Lord Eddelbrek and Bann Esmerelle, you'll learn that you don't have enough soldiers to protect Amaranthine and the outlying farms. Eddelbrek will argue that the farms are more important, while Esmerelle will champion the protection of Amaranthine.

To choose how you want to deploy your soldiers, you'll need to talk to Seneschal Varel in the throne room. You'll get five options:
  • Protect Amaranthine.
  • Protect the farms.
  • Protect the trade routes.
  • Try to protect everything.
  • Let Captain Garavel decide. He'll keep your troops in Amaranthine.
As far as we can tell, this decision won't have much of an impact on the game. We've heard that if you choose to protect the trade routes, then the merchants at Vigil's Keep will gain new wares, but we didn't notice any difference. Otherwise, the decision will at most change a couple of things in the epilogue. So just choose whichever option seems best to you.




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